Most Popular Womens Perfumes: Best Smelling & Long Lasting

Most Popular Womens Perfumes: Best Smelling & Long Lasting

For women looking to do any of the following with a perfume that is worth its weight in scent and value: wear a perfume for an occasion, leave an almost indelible scent or have a signature scent that precedes or sustains its sillage, this list is a solid look at the most popular women’s perfumes in the market:

  1. Burberry Perfume by Burberry (Classic Floral).
  2. Pour Femme by Argos Fragrances (Oriental Floral)
  3. Moonlight in Heaven by Kilian (Dark & Modern).
  4. Black Orchid by Tom Ford (Dark & Modern).
  5. Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana (Classic Floral).
  6. Portrait of a Lady by Frederic Malle (Dark & Modern).
  7. Bacio Immortale by Argos Fragrances (Sweet & Smoky)
  8. Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf (Classic Floral).
  9. Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent (Dark & Modern).
  10. Daisy by Marc Jacobs (Classic Floral).
  11. Triumph of Bacchus by Argos Fragrances (Dark & Modern)

As seen above for each of the aforementioned perfume types, these popular women’s perfumes are split into sub-categories. We have the Dark & Modern, the Classic Floral, Oriental Floral and Sweet & Smoky.

The “Dark & Modern” vs “Classic Floral” vs “Oriental Floral vs “Sweet & Smoky”

The distinguishing factor between these four is that when you wear any of the Classic Floral perfumes, you are wearing spritzes of sweet and flowery scents; when you wear the Oriental Floral perfumes you are wearing a more exotic sweet and flowery scent.

When you wear Dark & Modern perfumes, you are wearing spritzes of mystery and dark intensity and when you wear Sweet & Smoky you are wearing a more modern fragrance with hints of leather, smoky oud and a touch of sweetness that is often found to be unisex. So, you choose - floral and sweet, exotic and sweet floral or dark intensity and mystery or sweet and smoky? It boils down to the scent you want to be identified by and the occasion.

We will look at each of the aforementioned perfumes in the previous section under these sub-categories.

Dark & Modern

Moonlight in Heaven

Made by Kilian, the notes of this Dark & Modern perfume range from Vetiver to Tonka Bean, Pink Pepper, Coconut, Grapefruit, Rice, Lemon and Mango across its three levels of notes (base - middle - top). While it identifies as one of the most popular women’s perfumes, it often crosses the thin line from “solely female” into “unisex” - by drawing from the strength of its different notes which creates a unified scent from different sources.

Black Orchid

“Black Orchid”, the name, sells it as a dark perfume. Made for the modern woman who thrives in mystery, it is great for a night-out. In making this, Tom Ford was “...obsessed with finding the deepest black, black orchids...elegant...and luxurious” and what he came up with was a dark perfume which smells just as sweet as it smells spicy.

Sensual and sexy, spritzes of this will ensure you spend your night bathed in these key notes: Plum, Black Truffle and Black Orchid while the other notes (White Musk, Amalfi Lemon, Spices, Gardenia, Ylang-Ylang, Mexican Chocolate, Lotus, Black Currant, Jasmine, et al.) supplement the aforementioned.

Portrait of a Lady

With this popular women’s perfume, Frederic Malle sought to bring sophistication in feminine spritzes. Though it is Turkish Rose that paves the way in each Portrait of a Lady perfume bottle with a 4:1 for every 100ml bottle, it is the high but right dose of Patchouli blended with Sandalwood and Frankincense which captures his bold words “If a perfume is a portrait of the woman who wears it, here is one that reveals her inherent sophistication”.

Mysterious and intense, the Turkish Rose note cements the salacious scent of Portrait of a Lady.

Black Opium

In the Black Opium, Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) aimed for an increment in self-confidence for the modern woman. Borrowing loosely from the words of Frederic Malle for the Portrait of a Lady perfume, if the Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent represents the woman who wears it, it adds an extra boost to her confidence.

You will notice this when you wear the spritzes of the little darkness and mystery carefully hidden in the black bottle holding the magic of Black Opium. Though it does last a little bit long, for the duration when its scent is present, you get a fine blend of the difference between the smell of coffee beans versus white flowers and vanilla which gives the needed contrast for the Black Opium: the contrast between daylight and few moments into dusk; this is achieved by the community of base notes (Cedar, Vanilla, Cashmere Wood and Patchouli) coming together with the heart/middle notes (Bitter Almond, Coffee, Licorice and Jasmine) and top notes (Pink Pepper, Orange Blossom and Pear).

Triumph of Bacchus

TRIUMPH OF BACCHUS – (TRIONFO DI BACCO) Represented by the Roman god Bacchus. Bacchus was considered the god of winemaking, fertility, ritual madness, theater, and religious ecstasy. He was one of the twelve Olympians, although he was that last to arrive. Often called Eleutherios, meaning “the liberator,” because his wine, music and ecstatic dance freed mortals from self-consciousness and the restraints of society.

Bacchus crossed the boundary between life and death, between the known and unknown. He was a god of chaos and protector of misfits. This Luxurious scent is shrouded in grandeur and mystery. Wildly romantic and fragrant notes dance beautifully together in chorus.

Argos TRIUMPH OF BACCHUS is an exotic fragrance opening with Spicy Saffron, Royal Green Apple, and Rhum notes. Confident and refined Tobacco is paired perfectly with Amber and Vanilla, revealing a powerfully seductive and almost sinful aphrodisiac. This is definitely dark and mysterious fragrance leaning on the more masculine side but definitely unisex and can be worn by the daring and adventurous female. 

This scent is regal and fun.  It is a mysterious scent that is sure to turn heads and steal the hearts of those whom you come into contact while wearing this luxurious fragrance.

Sweet & Smoky

Argos Bacio Immortale – Which literally means Kiss of Immortality is a unisex fragrance that is a juxtaposing blend of smoky oud and leather with a delicate kiss of sweet raspberry. Represented by the Greek gods Eros and Psyche. The story of the love between Psyche (“Soul” or “Breath of Life”) and Cupid, has been told and interpreted for generations.

Most Popular Womens Perfumes Argos Bacio Immortale

A romance that overcame many obstacles and even took Psyche into the depths hades and back before her ultimate union with Eros in marriage.  This fragrance pays homage to that special kiss. A kiss that granted Psyche immortality and elevated her into the pantheon of the Greek gods solidifying that love triumphs over all.

The aura that this enchantingly sensual scent carries is timeless. Argos Bacio Immortale is a royal fragrance with perfectly blended Elegant Citrus and Smoky Oud notes. A divine fragrance with accents of Violet, Whispers of Jasmine, Sweet Raspberry, Decadent Leather, and Deep Birch Wood that are powerfully romantic.

This scent is definitely for the more daring woman.  One that is not afraid to wear a bold fragrance that teeters on the edge of both masculine and feminine.

Classic Floral

Burberry Perfume

Burberry Women Burberry Perfume takes its heart note as the defining note - “exotic” is the word for its heart note and defining note. As an unconventional perfume, it combines different top, heart and base notes of Sandalwood, Amber, Cedarwood, Musk, Exotic Tone, Apricot and Peach to produce a floral scent that feels distant and unusual but yet, femininely sexy in its reach.

Light Blue

The perfume cover of Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana exemplifies its name in light blue hue, the color of clear blue skies. Simple and direct, this popular perfume made for women has nine (9) notes split evenly across top, heart and base. 

Sicilian Cedar, Bluebell and Apple as top notes; Jasmine, White Rose and Bamboo as heart notes; Musk, Citron Wood and Amber as base notes. The Bamboo note definitely comes off as strong and that is why the Jasmine and White Rose notes are present within the same note level to soften its strength and blend with the remaining notes in this women’s fragrance.

If you want a perfume that captures the total essence of sweetness (sweetness that comes in fruity and fresh citrus-y scent) and still lasts all day long without losing that peculiar and fruity scent, Light Blue is the perfect pick.


Have you tried Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf? Warm and spicy as it comes, it is one of the most popular classic floral perfumes you can get if you are interested in a compelling scent that speaks of deep sensual pleasure - a blossoming flower in its prime. Tea, Osmanthus, Bergamot, Orchid, Rose, Freesia, African Orange Flower, Jasmine, Musk and Patchouli are the notes that make up this deep sensual perfume by Marc Jacobs.


A fruity perfume that gives a fruity scent to the woman who wears it, Marc Jacobs’ Daisy is a classic floral perfume with an innocence which can only be noticed in a free spirited woman. 

Its feminine scent, when it wafts through the air, is meant to settle on skins and surfaces with the introduction of a bright but flirty touch. A blend of these four(4) notes (Wild Berries, White Violet, Jasmine and Sandalwood) gives Daisy by Marc Jacobs its clean, pure but sensual expression for the modern woman.

Oriental Floral

The only fragrance that fits this category perfectly is Argos Fragrances, Pour Femme.  When you wear the Oriental Floral perfumes you are wearing a more exotic sweet and flowery scent. Argos Pour Femme is a stunningly sensual, rich and feminine scent. This simply unforgettable and intoxicating scent is sure to linger in the hearts and minds of those who experience it.

Most Popular Womens Perfumes Argos Pour Femme

Made from the finest essential oils, Argos Pour Femme lasts for hours and is Eau de Parfum strength. Its aromatic floral top notes produce a powerful yet intimate fragrance. Argos Pour Femme begins with a beautiful symphony of Passionate Violet Leaves from Greece, Fresh Italian Bergamot, Exotic and Calming Jamaican Ginger, The Finest Moroccan Lemon, and Exquisite Orange Blossom Absolute from Egypt. 

Pour Femme then transitions smoothly from its exotic and rich top into its heart of Fresh Iris Cloves, Pink Pepper, Whispers of Lavender, Wild Jasmine, Lilly Of The Valley and Sweet Bulgarian Rose. It finishes remarkably with Rich Sicilian Sandalwood, Warming Amber, White Musk for depth, Exotic Oriental Vanilla Bean, Soulful Tonka Bean and Calming Ylang Ylang.

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