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Love and the Soul (for that is what Psyche means) had sought and, after sore trials, found each other; and that union could never be broken.” – Edith Hamilton


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BACIO IMMORTALE – (IMMORTAL KISS) Represented by the Greek gods Eros and Psyche. The story of the love between Psyche (“Soul” or “Breath of Life”) and Cupid, has been told and interpreted for generations. A romance that overcame many obstacles and even took Psyche into the depths of hades and back before her ultimate union with Eros in marriage. This fragrance pays homage to that special kiss. A kiss that granted Psyche immortality and elevated her into the pantheon of the Greek gods solidifying that love triumphs over all. The aura that this enchantingly sensual scent carries is timeless. Argos Bacio Immortale is a royal fragrance with perfectly blended Elegant Citrus and Smoky Oud notes. A divine fragrance with accents of Violet, Whispers of Jasmine, Sweet Raspberry, Decadent Leather and Deep Birch Wood that are powerfully romantic.

Be remembered…
Undeniably ARGOS.

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