Your scent plays a major part in how other people feel about you and remember you. Fragrance is an important part of your personal style and something that you can utilize to your benefit. However, whether you want your cologne to increase your allure or boost your self-confidence, you’ll need to know how to use it properly first. Using and putting on a fragrance is a skill that you can quickly learn. All it takes is the correct instruction on how to select a fantastic fragrance, when and where to use it, how much to apply, and how to properly care for it. Fortunately, we have all the solutions and have created this convenient guide for you gentleman and ladies on how to use fragrance to your advantage.


Where to Apply Fragrance

To apply perfume properly, you need to know where to apply your fragrance. Preferably, we should apply fragrance to the pulse spots or warmer regions of our body. Thanks to their warmth, these spots, which include the neck, chest, shoulders, wrists, inner elbows and even the back of your knees can project aroma more effectively, meaning that a smaller amount of fragrance is necessary.

To aim for these zones, select just one or two to concentrate on. In detail, the wrists and neck make an superb sequence. Also make a note that although the crotch, armpits and behind the knees are warm regions as well, they are not always best for fragrance application as they may be covered by your clothing or may be sweaty if the temperature is exceptionally hot.


How to Put On Fragrance

  • Use fragrance after you get out of the shower to clean, dry skin.
  • Do not spray the perfume into the air and then walk through it.
  • Focus On pulse zones, like your inner wrists and neck. Just make sure they are not covered.
  • Hold the bottle out about 3-6 inches from where you are about to spray to insure good coverage.
  • Do not over spray (2-4 sprays is usually enough).
  • Do not rub or grind the perfume into your skin. This may slightly change how the fragrance performs.
  • Reapply to your wrists when the perfume begins to fade away. Keep a sample spray or atomizer handy.

What Varieties of Fragrances Are There?

First and before you can even select a cologne, you have to recognize the various categories of fragrances available. By acquainting yourself with all your choices, you will be able to choose the scent that best meets your demands. You will also be able to appreciate why some scents are inexpensive while others are extremely expensive. In general, it all comes down to the ratio of the aroma oil in the perfume, which influences its longevity on your skin. For example, Eau de Toilette perfumes usually are comprised of around 10% fragrance oil essence and have a longevity of just one to three hours. Eau de Parfum, in contrast, contains a higher concentrate of fragrance oil (15% to 20%) and can last considerably longer. However, because of its elevated strength, this type of perfume also may cost more.

It is also essential to understand the distinction between designer fragrances and niche fragrances when looking at fragrance varieties. Designer perfumes are produced by designer labels and are quite common. They are intended for the masses; this means that they typically include more generic and common scents that most people will find appealing. They also have a tendency to be made from more ordinary or synthetic ingredients to save money and allow for mass production. Niche fragrances, conversely, provide more discerning fragrance buyers with more exclusive scents. Such fragrances can often be very different and unique due to their daring aromas and naturally cost more than a designer scent. As such, they are frequently selected only by scent fanatics. Argos Fragrances are made from the highest quality and rarest ingredients from across the globe.  Although they are very unique and Eau de Parfum concentrate they are universally pleasing and timeless niche quality fragrances that last 8 to 12 plus hours depending on skin type. 

How to Select the Perfect Scent

When it comes to smelling fantastic, you need to understand how to select the perfect scent. To do this, begin with spraying fragrances from a distance onto sample cards and determining which aromas you primarily like the most. While doing this, keep in mind that fresh and light scents work best for summer while stronger perfumes with notes of wood or spice are idyllic for cooler seasons.

Argos Fragrances provide several fragrance options and many of our perfumes are perfect all year round due to the high quality ingredients and concentration of natural oils even our fresher scents that would typically only worn in spring and summer have several unique notes that make them more versatile. 

Not only do Argos Fragrances last exceptionally long due to their high-quality oil concentration they are beautifully blended to be perfect for any occasion and can be enjoyed by both men and women alike. Next, make sure the perfume will fit your skin type and determine its lasting power by spraying a sample on your wrist and leaving it all day.

Check where you sprayed throughout the day, smelling to see how the fragrance is working with your natural body oils and develops. Doing this will help you achieve an exceptional insight into what it will be like to regularly wear that fragrance before you buy it.

At this point, it is also essential to realize how the cologne will dry down over time. Fragrances are made up of top notes, heart-notes and base notes.  At each of the levels the notes dry up at various periods, causing the scent to change over time. Top notes last roughly around 15 minutes to 2 hours, heart-notes can last anywhere from 30 minutes to five hours, and base notes, which determine greatly for how long the perfume will last, can last for two to eight or more hours.

To find the perfect smelling scent for you, constantly select the perfume by hand. Do not let someone else choose it for. Also, don’t just buy it solely because you liked how it smelled on a friend.  As fragrances smell distinct on various people, it is important that you be the one to check out and test the perfume prior to spending the money on a fragrance especially if it is a very expensive fragrance. Sample packs are the perfect way to explore a fragrance or even an entire fragrance line. 

Where Should You Store Your Fragrance

Where you keep your perfume can affect the smell of the fragrances scent and can also alter its longevity. It is equally crucial to be careful about where you are keeping your perfumes properly. Putting your fragrance in an area that is subjected to quick alterations in temperature, such as the bathroom counter or vanity, may have disastrous effects on your perfume and cause the fragrance to break down quicker than you’d like. Sunlight will also have similar results, so be sure to avoid placing your fragrances in areas of direct or even indirect sunlight. 

Placing your fragrances on display may look pretty but it may have consequences if displayed improperly. Most of us want our fragrances to last until we use them up completely. It is best practice to keep your fragrance in a spot that has a consistent and cool temperature and that is dark and dry. Specifically, your dresser or your bedroom closet can make an superb choice.

How Much Fragrance Should You Spray?

Now that you have found the perfect cologne or perfume it is equally important you know how utilize it appropriately. It isn’t not enough just to know where to apply your fragrance, it also means knowing how much to spray. If you do not use enough no one will notice your perfect scent and it will go to waste. If you spray too much, then you may actually offend the people around you. You now have to apply the perfect amount for the occasion.

As a side note, if you are ever unsure how much to wear then start off conservatively and you can always add more especially if you are carrying a sample spray or travel atomizer. If you want to know the perfect amount to spray you need to know what fragrance you are using. Some stronger, darker fragrances may require just a couple or a few sprays while lighter summer scents that may be more citrusy may require 4 or more sprays as well as reapplication throughout the day to get the desired effect.

We suggest sticking to one particular fragrance at a time especially if you are just beginning to wear it.  At least for a few days in a row.  Do not switch back and forth during the same day or even every other day.  You will not accurately be able to determine how your newly acquired cologne is performing. Also, keep in mind the concentration of the fragrance you are wearing.  If you are getting familiar with your new Eau de Toilette then you are more than likely going to have to reapply it throughout the day especially on hotter and dryer days.  Temperature and humidity play an important role in the sillage and longevity of your fragrance.

We hope this quick guide to selecting the perfect fragrance helps you in smelling your best and saves you time and money. 


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