What Does Your Fragrance Say About You?

What Does Your Fragrance Say About You?

Often a person's fragrance selection can reveal a lot about their personality. A person's scent is often the very first interaction they might have when entering a room, meeting someone new, or even bonding with a newborn. Our sense of smell is our most primordial sense and closest to memory and recollection. Often powerful and lasting responses to scent are aroused and often without even saying a word or without touch or even sight. There are thousands of fragrances on the market today but breaking them down into a few genres can help to determine what your scent selection might say about you and some of your character traits. To help break down the thousands of fragrances available on the market today, we will be discussing Floral, Aquatic, Oriental, Gourmand, Fruity, Green, and Woody Fragrance families. If you aren't a fragrance expert or are new to niche perfumery, if you know what type of fragrance categories you like, choosing one becomes a less daunting task.

In ancient times plants and animals were used to mask body odor. Later, once the art of perfumery evolved, the Egyptians and the Greeks used fragrance as a form of self-expression, and it became a status symbol and a form of luxury. A person can spend a great deal of time and money searching for their perfect scent. Luxury niche fragrances today can run from hundreds to thousands of dollars per bottle and comprise some of the most sought after, rare, and expensive ingredients and oils on the planet. Raw ingredients for some of these rare and fine fragrances can easily surpass the cost of gold and platinum.

From the birth of perfumery, scents were sought out, discovered, refined, and replicated into luxurious niche fragrances. Men and woman can now purposefully select their ideal scents and fragrances according to their liking. I will dare to say that many fragrance lovers would just as soon go pantless than to leave the house without a spritz of perfume or cologne. This fragrant selection can often correlate and reveal certain insights into that person's personality.  

So, what does your fragrance selection say about you? Let's find out what your scent selections may reveal about your personality.

Lavender fields


Floral fragrances are among the most popular families and one of the broadest. Since plants, herbs, and flowers were some of the first ingredients in perfumery, we will start here. Any fragrance that has a sweet, powdery, and flowery scent will belong under this family. 

Fragrances in the floral range are often comprised by using notes such as roses, jasmine, lilies, and peonies.

Floral fragrances can range from light and delicate to more complex and intense.

Floral fragrances are unapologetically romantic. They're flirty and feminine and can range in intensity—some floral fragrances are full-on floral bouquets, while others incorporate fruity elements for an energetic and playful effect. A floral-centric fragrance might suit your personality best if you are friendly and flirty.



Argos Pour Femme is sensual, feminine and rich. Made from the finest essential oils, Argos Pour Femme lasts for hours and is Eau de Parfum strength. Its aromatic floral top notes produce a powerful yet intimate fragrance. Argos Pour Femme begins with a beautiful symphony of Passionate Violet Leaves from Greece, Fresh Italian Bergamot, Exotic and Calming Jamaican Ginger, The Finest Moroccan Lemon, and Exquisite Orange Blossom Absolute from Egypt.

Argos Pour Femme transitions smoothly from its exotic and rich top into its heart of Fresh Iris Cloves, Pink Pepper, Whispers of Lavender, Wild Jasmine, Lilly Of The Valley, and Sweet Bulgarian Rose. Argos Pour Femme finishes remarkably with Rich Sicilian Sandalwood, Warming Amber, White Musk for depth, Exotic Oriental Vanilla Bean, Soulful Tonka Bean, and Calming Ylang Ylang.

Fresh and Aquatic


Fresh fragrances are usually comprised of citrus, water, and green notes. This means they have refreshing, zesty, and vibrant smells. Citrus-based fragrances are typically created with lemon, mandarin, and bergamot, while water fragrances are made with aquatic notes like sea spray; think Pour Homme by Argos Fragrances.

Citrus scents are crisp and clean, usually comprised of notes like lemon, grapefruit, orange, and bergamot. They're refreshing, like a Gin & Tonic on a hot summer day.

This scent category conjures up images of drinking limoncello in Positano by a sparkling ocean or reading a paperback book on the beach. As the name suggests, Aquatic perfumes are characterized by marine notes like algae, salt, and fresh sea air.

Citrus notes pair beautifully with spicy notes for a contrast of a tart and spiciness, and the combinations are endless, and all depend on the fragrance formulation.

Athletic, refined, and carefree are sometimes characteristics of the person who favors fresh and aquatic scents.



Argos Pour Homme is a clean and fresh scent that is both sensual and masculine. Its intense top notes of British Gin, Crisp Orange Slices, Lemon and Lime and Scottish Highland Pine pull you in as the middle notes of Lavender, African Violet, Wild Jasmine, and Vetiver captivate your attention and entice the senses through to a long-lasting base note of Bahamian Sage, Sandalwood from Mysore, Canadian Cedar Shavings, Amber, Neroli and White Musk with a touch of Patchouli White to produce a powerfully inviting and memorable fragrance.

Argos Pour Homme is a truly remarkable and memorable scent. Argos Pour Homme diffuses well, is clean, elegant, and not overpowering. This scent is versatile. Argos Pour Homme is great for casual occasions such as lunch with friends, a day at the office, or a night on the town. Argos Pour Homme transports you to another world of opulence and luxury.

fruits including rasberry


Composed of notes like cherry, pear, and watermelon, fruity scents are evocative of hot summer days. They can be sweet, but the best ones never get cloying and can range from playful to sophisticated, depending on the other notes the fruit is paired with. Most fruity fragrances are paired with another fragrance category like floral, spicy, or gourmand for balance.

If you are fun, playful, and not shy, then the fruity scents may be what you enjoy most.

Argos Pallas Athene Product Image

This captivating scent is both romantic and commanding. Opening with Bright Bergamot, Delicious Red Berry, Grapefruit, and Spicy Pink Peppercorn, Argos PALLAS ATHENE transitions perfectly into a floral heart of Peony, Violet, and Rose Petals. Bold base notes of Powdery Iris, Mysore Sandalwood, Amber, Earthy Vetiver, Patchouli, and Creamy Vanilla produce a powerfully seductive and feminine fragrance.



Oriental fragrances are warm, sweet, and even a little spicy. A more luxurious fragrance family, oriental fragrances vary from floral oriental, soft oriental, and woody oriental.

Perfumes and colognes in this category are rich and sensual, often made with interesting notes of cardamom, cinnamon, vanilla alongside the likes of jasmine, orchid, and orange blossom.

If you like the finer things in life are into fashion and the exotic, then oriental fragrances may be best suited to you.

Coming Soon Spring/Summer

ADONIS AWAKENS is a Fruity, Floral, Oriental fragrance lovers dream. This ultimate scent of seduction and sophistication comes from the House of Argos Fragrances.



Woody fragrances are another warm family. These are sensual, mysterious, and captivating scents that use wood-based smells like cedarwood, sandalwood, vetiver, and amber, and it's an excellent choice for wearing in the evening when it's cooler or during the fall/winter months.

Woody fragrances are split into mossy woods with an earthy, sweet undertone and dry woods that often have a smoky, leathery smell.

Redolent of a walk in the forest or sitting around a campfire, woody scents are characterized by aromas you would find outdoors. Still, they can honestly be very romantic and sultry. If you like the smell of wet asphalt (which is called petrichor), you'll probably enjoy a woody scent.


This is a Sensual and Divine fragrance. Argos DANAË begins to arouse the senses opening with Bright Bergamot and Sicilian lemon. Seductive heart notes of Spicy Pink Peppercorn, Deep Gaiac, Cedar & Cashmere Wood transition slowly. Long-lasting and carnal base notes of Sweet & Sticky Cistus, Spicy Patchouli, Mysore Sandalwood, and Intoxicating Musk leave one enraptured in DANAË'S spell.

Gourmand examples include dried fruits, chocolate


Gourmand fragrances are probably the most divisive type: You either love them or can't stand them. That's because they almost always have a varying degree of sweetness to them. A good gourmand fragrance evokes a sense of something yummy, sweet, and indulgent. A good gourmand fragrance will be almost but not quite cloying—and powdery.

Perfumers use notes like chocolate (dark or white), caramel, honey, or candied hazelnut with more classical notes like vanilla and ambery resins to create the gourmand theme.

Gourmand fragrances are perhaps the most nostalgic of all the categories. Gourmands can be comforting and familiar while stirring our appetites and tantalizing our noses, as well. Fragrances in this category often have darker juices that are more resinous and can even be paired with wood, tobacco, and fruity notes to give them balance. If you aren't afraid to be the center of attention, are warm, and have a big personality, then a gourmand fragrance might be right up your alley.



This Luxurious scent is shrouded in grandeur and mystery. Wildly romantic and fragrant notes dance beautifully together in chorus. Argos TRIUMPH OF BACCHUS is an exotic fragrance opening with Spicy Saffron, Royal Green Apple, and Rhum notes. Confident and refined Tobacco is paired perfectly with amber and Vanilla revealing a powerfully seductive and almost sinful aphrodisiac.

Green Aromatic


Green, aromatic compositions are typical of fragrances for men. Aromatic notes are usually formulated with sage, rosemary, cumin, lavender, and other plants which possess a very intensive grass-spicy scent. They are often combined with citruses and spicy notes.

Fresh green fragrances are often reminiscent of herbal and leafy scents for a crisp, uplifting smell. They can sometimes be referred to as aromatic fougère fragrances, created with notes of lavender, rosemary, or basil.

These fragrances can be very powerful and may not be suitable for the inexperienced nose. Still, to the fine fragrance connoisseur, these can be the most sought after, unique and divine fragrances.

If you have a powerful personality and want to give an air of effortless sophistication, then you might be best suited to green perfumes.



Wildly romantic yet strikingly refined and elegant. Argos Brivido Della Caccia unfolds with an enigmatic composition of Juniper Berries, Mate Absolute, Oriental Tonka Bean Absolute, and Rich Amber. An animalistic fragrance with accents of Supple Leather and Birch Wood that is as equally bold as it is romantic.



Spicy scents will possess heavier base notes where the molecules are denser, providing longer-lasting life on the skin.

Mysterious, sultry, warm, sensual notes of cardamom, incense, and pepper are common. The spicy category is often paired with oriental, floral, and woody to create a more unique and balanced formulation.

Spicy notes provide a broad range of smells. Clove and cinnamon are considered warm spices and are often paired with warm ambery resins and woody notes. Cardamon is a cool spice that has a minty freshness. Pink pepper is a popular spice note you will find in many designer and luxury niche fragrances.

Do you like to give off a sense of mystery? Are you provocative by nature? A Spicy fragrance may suit you perfectly.



The aura that this enchantingly sensual scent carries is timeless. Argos Bacio Immortale is a royal fragrance with perfectly blended Elegant Citrus and Smoky Oud notes. A divine fragrance with accents of Violet, Whispers of Jasmine, Spicy Pink Pepper, Sweet Raspberry, Decadent Leather, and Deep Birch Wood that are powerfully romantic.


Understanding How Fragrance Reflects on Your Personality, Preference and What Fragrance Notes Say About You.

We hope this fragrance category breakdown will give you some insight into how scents and perfumes often show a close correlation to one's personality and characteristics. We also want to inform you that there are infinite combinations of fragrances and scents. Many fragrances fall into one or several of the categories listed.  

You are unique and one of a kind. Your moods may change as often as the many different occasions you are faced with in life. 

Therefore, having several scents to match your mood, occasion, or even the season is quite normal. Variety is the spice of life, and having several perfumes to choose from will ensure that you are well prepared for them all.

It's important to do a little homework and research the fragrances you are interested in before purchasing. Luxury brands like Argos Fragrances have very informative websites that will list each fragrances' notes and characteristics, show images of the note breakdown, and give you an overall picture of the style of fragrances they offer. There are even customer reviews you can search through to get a better idea of whether the fragrances are suitable for you.


Fragrances Are Comprised Of 3 Main Sections That Make Up a Fragrance Pyramid.  

You will often see top, middle, and base notes describing a fragrance.

The top notes of a fragrance, also known as the head or opening notes, are what you smell immediately after spraying your perfume or aftershave; they evaporate quickly but form the first impression of the fragrance.

The middle, or heart, notes appear once the top notes have disappeared. These notes are considered to be the main body of the fragrance, lasting longer than the top notes, and are usually well-rounded.

Base notes are what is left at the end; it is this smell that you remember the most. The base notes are the longest-lasting, mixing with middle notes to create the full body of the perfume.


Selecting Your Favorite Scents

Choosing a fragrance is not always easy, but luxury niche fragrance house Argos Fragrances is the perfect example of a niche brand that helps to take the guesswork out of selecting your next signature scent or scents. Argos has a beautiful and growing range of super high-quality fragrances that range from classic, sophisticated, seductive to artisanal and unique. Argos fragrances are expertly blended and macerated carefully using time-honored traditions and state-of-the-art equipment. Each bottle is hand-poured, sealed, and prepared before it is carefully packaged.

If you have already decided on several types of fragrances, you want to start there. It doesn't matter if you like vanilla, rose, or leather. 

You can start by checking for fragrances that contain these notes or search for the notes and see which fragrances have the notes you are looking for. You can search by both methods. 

If you are unsure about what you want or are new to luxury niche perfumery, start with the more universally liked or mass-appealing scents. Another great way to discover your favorite scents or learn about a new fragrance house is to see if they offer a sample pack. That way, you can figure out your preferences in a cost-effective manner.  

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