Lights, Fragrance, Action: Find Your Dad's Perfect Fragrance Based on His Hollywood Alter Ego!

Lights, Fragrance, Action: Find Your Dad's Perfect Fragrance Based on His Hollywood Alter Ego!

Father's Day is that awesome time of year when we get to give our dads some well-deserved props. But why not shake things up this year? Let's add a splash of fun and uniqueness by hooking your dad up with a Hollywood alter ego and finding the perfect Argos fragrance to match his vibe! Dive into our chill quiz to discover the scent that's totally him. Let's celebrate your dad's awesome individuality in style!

What is your dad's favorite type of movie?

A) Classic dramas
B) Action-packed blockbusters
C) Nature documentaries or adventure movies
D) Contemporary comedies

    How does your dad prefer to spend his weekends?

    A) Community activities or reading/writing
    B) Fitness training, attending galas & exhibitions
    C) Hiking, fishing or researching
    D) Painting or socializing with friends

      Which of these would best describe your dad's style?

      A) Timeless and pleasant
      B) Bold and daring
      C) Rugged and practical
      D) Fun-loving and romantic

        What is your dad's go-to drink?

        A) Coffee/Tea
        B) Vodka Martini or Rum Cocktails
        C) Fine Wine or Other beverages
        D) Beer

          Which quality best defines your dad?

          A) Wise and Kind
          B) Refined and confident
          C) Adventurous and nature-loving
          D) Charismatic and fun-loving


          Mostly A's: The Classic Gentleman

          Character Match: Clark Kent (Superman Series)

          For dads who embody strength, kindness, and a deep sense of responsibility, Clark Kent is the perfect match. Despite his superhuman abilities, Clark remains humble and compassionate, always putting others before himself.

          Fragrance Recommendation: Argos Pour Homme. It’s a timeless and comforting scent that complements Clark's classic and noble demeanor. This fragrance features a blend of orange, British gin, lemon, amber, and cedarwood, evoking a sense of refinement and tradition.

          Mostly B's: The Action Hero

          Character Match: James Bond (Action-Packed Blockbusters)

          For the dads who exude boldness and are often well dressed and look sophisticated, James Bond is the perfect match. Like the iconic spy, they thrive on excitement and live life to the fullest.

          Fragrance Recommendation: Triumph of Bacchus. It is the ideal fragrance for these daring individuals, boasting a blend of warm and woody notes such as sandalwood, rum, amber, musk, and tobacco. This scent exudes an aura of timeless charm and excitement, perfectly complementing their adventurous spirit.

          Mostly C's: The Rugged Adventurer

          Character Match: Indiana Jones (Nature Documentaries & Adventure movies)

          For dads who thrive in the great outdoors and embrace the spirit of adventure, like Indiana Jones. Known for his rugged spirit and insatiable curiosity, Indiana Jones embodies the essence of exploration and discovery.

          Fragrance Recommendation: Brivido Della Caccia. It’s a scent crafted for the daring and adventurous. With its notes of juniper, mate, pink peppercorn, birch, leather, and amber, this fragrance evokes the untamed wilderness and the thrill of embarking on a daring expedition. It's a perfect match for dads who love to explore the great outdoors and seek out new adventures at every turn.

          Mostly D's: The Charismatic Lover

          Character Match: Jack Dawson (Titanic)

          For dads who are charismatic and fun-loving romantics, like Jack Dawson. Known for his free-spirited and romantic nature, Jack embodies the essence of adventure and passion.

          Fragrance Recommendation: Bacio Immortale. It is a scent crafted for those who dare to dream and love deeply. With its blend of fresh citrus fruits, leathery notes, bergamot, lemon, raspberry, violet, musk, leather, and oud, this fragrance captures the spirit of Jack's adventurous and romantic soul, making it the perfect match for dads who embrace life with passion and charm.

          Bonus: Scented Gift Sets for the Indecisive

          If you're still unsure which fragrance to choose, Argos offers various gift sets that can make the perfect present. Consider the Pure Fragrance Oil Roller Set or Argos Discovery Set Of 11 Fragrances. You can also try the Argos Pure Oil Cold Air Diffuser with Pure Fragrance Oil set. These options allow your dad to experience a variety of scents and find his personal favorite.


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          This Father’s Day let's give a nod to all the amazing dads out there!  Whether your dad radiates classic vibes, channels his inner action hero, or prefers to chill like a nature enthusiast, Argos Fragrances has got you covered. With a killer collection designed to match every dad's unique style, there's no better way to celebrate his day than with a scent that's as cool as he is. So, kick back, relax, and let Argos make this Father's Day one to remember!

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