10 Best Tobacco Fragrances for Men

10 Best Tobacco Fragrances for Men

Who doesn't love a good tobacco fragrance, especially this time of year? As it starts to cool down, I mean hell: it's, going to be snowing in Denver for the chiefs and the broncos game on Sunday, cold fronts are moving through, Its' time to start busting out those tobacco fragrances, and today I want to discuss 10 of my favorites stay tuned.

So, with these ten, we're crossing all ends of the price spectrum. Some are cheap. Some you can find rack stores on up to some expensive niche tobacco fragrances, but even though some of your favorites may not be here, it doesn't mean I don't enjoy them. This is just my favorite dominated by a tobacco note, but tobacco is not just a supporting player. It's right here at the forefront. Let's jump into this first one.


1, Argos Triumph of Bacchus

The presentation is second to none from this house, and this is the highest quality fragrance on this list.

In this video this is the cleanest, most pure smelling tobacco scent. It's from Argos, Triumph of Bacchus. I have been spending a lot of time with this fragrance. It is awesome guys, try a sample; I get it. They are not cheap.

Argos Triumph of Bacchus Tobacco Fragrance

I mean, look at these, and I mean this is just a bottle. You should see the boxes that they come in as. It is so beautiful. There are a lot of citruses. You get some peach and some apple up top with this lovely rum absolute.

This is super clean. This is the cleanest tobacco note I have ever smelled in a fragrance, and it's loud. It is a powerful, elegant, and classy tobacco fragrance. When was the last time you heard classy boozy tobacco? I don't mean raw rough, rugged man.

This fragrance is too clean-cut to be raw rough, rugged man. Sample this one. It’s definitely not cheap to blind buy. Is it a blind buy if your name got the money? Yes! If you like tobacco fragrances, it's one of the best, but I urge you to sample and make sure it's for you because they're not cheap, but once you smell it, you're going to want a bottle because it's that good from Argos, Triumph of Bacchus.


2, Aramis Tobacco Reserve

I'm glad I grabbed a backup bottle when I did. It has still been sealed because I may need it one day. I may not, but Aramis Tobacco Reserve is a lovely underrated hidden gem for years now; it has been discussed before on YouTube.

I've talked about it before on this channel. It is such great dry tobacco. There's still sweetness, but this is dry like the type of pipe tobacco you're just packing into the end of the pipe.

You know it's a beautiful, beautiful smell, extremely powerful. If you can find it for a decent price, it's worth it. It's beast mode performance. It's long-lasting, it's very loud. It's a great fragrance.

It was all over the rack stores about two years ago. I picked this 3.7 up for around 25. Then I later picked up a 2 ounce for 20. While they were out to make sure I had more because it's such a pleasing fragrance, it tends to get lost In the shuffle. Because I have so many good tobacco fragrances, but that's not to short-change this, because this is an awesome tobacco fragrance. If you can get your hands on it for a reasonable price, absolutely get your hands on, and that's from Aramis Tobacco Reserve.


3, Paco Rabanne 1 Million Prive

Next, this is another one that never gets old. It's a favorite of mine for the fall, probably a favor to yours, for the fall as well. Paco Rabanne 1 Million Prive…such good cinnamon and tobacco got a little bit of sweetness without overly sweet tobacco.

It's got a lot of warm spice to it, more so than a heavy sweetness. There is some underlying sweetness, but it's more cinnamon and tobacco, beautiful fragrance, great performer, not too loud, but not subtle.

You know seven eight-hour fragrance. It's not beast mode longevity, but it's getting there. It's an above-average performance for this fragrance. You can get them for a reasonable price of 50mls, like this online 100mls tester.

You can find them in the rack stores, which is where I found both of my 50mls wonderful fragrance, an arguable best of the line for the one million lines I haven't smelled, the newest par from eventually I will. Still, I do have the Majority of them outside of absolutely gold and intense; I have the original I have lucky.

I have cologne, I have the bulk of them, and this is my favorite of the group and a fantastic tobacco fragrance. As far as the designer side of things, it's not a cheapie, but it's not too expensive to get your hands on one that I thoroughly enjoy. That is 1 Million Prive Paco Rabanne.


4, Dolce Gabbana The One

A few versions of this, and some will argue that the Eau de parfum should be here. But I don't have the Eau de parfum. The eau de toilette is still a wonderful fragrance.

Amber and tobacco. It's sexy. It smells like Dolce Gabbana The One. Yep I have the eau de toilette and I have the Eau de parfum intense, which is not so much on the tobacco side but more on some cardamom. I’m getting another spray.

Oh man, one of the most popular designer DNAs, that's out there. Home run type of fragrance, not mass appealing, but a massively loved scent DNA. Date night superstar. If nothing else you can wear Dolce in the bottom of the one on a date and your woman's going to, like it, more so than not, that'll be the case like I said, A beautiful, amber and tobacco that is.

What dominates this fragrance? Because this video is all about fragrances that are dominated by tobacco. And this is one of the better ones; it's got the same little thing as some underlying sweetness, but not too much this one's, not heavy on spice it doesn't have any cinnamon and stuff like that.

It's more so that beautiful amber note in here, as well as a lovely sweetness. This slightly sweet tobacco, the eau de toilette, you can't go wrong.

Don't think you have to have the Eau de parfum, because if you don't need something that strong. Eight hours and you're cool with five hours, which for most dates: that's; plenty, it's okay, to grab the eau de toilette, Dolce Gabbana The One…this or the EDP, either way, you're Good to go. Great tobacco fragrance.


5, Happyland Studio / Happyland Signature

Now we go from a not so powerful tobacco fragrance to an extremely ridiculously powerful tobacco fragrance from Happyland Studio, Happyland Signature, sweet gourmand, tobacco, honey, blueberry, and tobacco.

That's, going to be your dominant notes, and it's a beautiful one, the complement factor way up there. If people around you like gourmand fragrances and tobacco fragrances in general, they’re going to like this one, you're going to like this one, those around you will cause everybody around you will smell you.

It's a beast mode, fragrance for sure, 12 plus hours, big, big, big, scent cloud; nothing subtle about a happy land signature! I don't know what else I could say that I haven't said before, because I’ve talked about this one so many times because it's, it's; a must! If you're into tobacco fragrances. For the price, I mean get yourself a 20% off discount code. They're always available; check out the Happyland studio fragrance group on Facebook.

They always run specials on their check out website below get yourself a sample pack. But if you're looking for a great tobacco fragrance, look no further than the best tobacco fragrance from Happyland studio, and that's Happyland signature.


6, Sweet Tobacco Spirits 1821 Man Made

Red wine, honey, and tobacco that is the best ways to describe what you're going to smell. Most prominently and dominantly from this fragrance is Sweet Tobacco Spirits 1821 Man Made, a personal favorite of my buddy Russell Anderson.

Shout out to you, Russell: this is another beast mode performer. It's; a honey bomb, a beautiful red wine accord. Thats in this one. That is one thing that separates this one that I haven't found in any other tobacco fragrances, and the beautiful tobacco note, I think, retails around 80 for this 100 ml bottle.

You can find them in the fifty-dollar range online worth every penny. Affordable, cheapy and another one that's a gorgeous complement machine. If you live in a colder climate, this will cut through the cold, no problem.

I can assure you if you are in a warmer climate like I am, I’m limited when you can wear it because uh it's a heavy wear for sure, but it's a beautiful, beautiful scent if you live in colder climates.

Tobacco Spirits 1821 Man Made is a must-have if you're a tobacco fragrance lover, in my opinion, and it's one that I urge you to check out. I don't know if you can get your hands on samples. They have shampoos. They have men's products, Sweet Tobacco Spirits 1821 Man Made comes in many forms, but the best of all, being this parfum concentration fragrance, check it out this holiday season.


7, Burberry London

It's funny that I mentioned the holiday season after talking about 1821 Man Made because I know when it comes to this particular designer tobacco fragrance, people think Christmas.

Pine green tobacco rum. All the beautiful things it's Christmas in a bottle. It's Burberry London, who doesn't like Burberry London. This fragrance is such a fantastic tobacco fragrance. Burberry London is like, I said, Christmas in a bottle.

I want to make sure I have got the atomizer facing the right way. Is it synthetic? Yeah, sure, it is a Burberry fragrance. Still, it's a beautiful, beautiful, Burberry fragrance, probably the most popular outside of Burberry touch, which is a bit more versatile because it's more wearable than this.

This fragrance is geared towards the colder weather because it's boozy tobacco, but man, this is a staple in the colder months. This fragrance is another one that is a must-have for everyone. As I said, many people are going to think of Christmas time when they smell this fragrance. Because in the cold weather it's ideal. An easy tobacco to wear.

It's heavier wear, but it's not difficult to wear. It's a Very pleasing complement factor that is going to be up there. It's beautiful to those around you, and the aroma is gorgeous. It's not overly complicated.

It doesn't change a lot, but the opening on into the dry down is gorgeous on this one. If you haven't gotten bottled before, you probably should maybe this year's the year, and that's Burberry London.


8, Calvin Klein CK One Shock

Here’s the cheapest fragrance in the video. Because in my opinion, this is the best beginner's tobacco fragrance, one that everybody should check out. Because 20 bucks will get you a 100-milliliter bottle and it’s at most rack stores. It’s an excellent moist, sweet tobacco that's great for beginners.

When you are starting your journey Calvin Klein CK One Shock is fantastic and unique. Yeah, it's okay; I get about seven to eight hours; some people report less.

Has it been reformulated? Probably so, I'm sure, but it's one; as I said, 20 bucks will get you a 100-milliliter bottle. Thirty bucks will get you a 200-milliliter bottle; it is one that you can spray away.

It's incredibly pleasing; it's youthful and playful. It doesn't take itself too seriously, but no, I don't think it's just for young men and teenagers. Any age can wear this one, as I said. I believe it's the best way to dab your toe into tobacco fragrances and see if you enjoy a tobacco note. Because it is straightforward, probably the most comfortable wear in this video, it's like busting out your tobacco fragrance starter set here; it is right here, CK One Shock.


9, John Varvatos Dark Rebel

Now we go from the easiest cheapest to mid level. This one's, not super expensive uh when you can find it, but it's got a smoky note in it, it's got beautiful leather. This fragrance is more masculine.

This one is a more rough, rugged man. The name is John Varvatos Dark Rebel. Boozy, smoky tobacco and leather. That is what you're going to get from it, for the most part. A little animalic, beautiful, doesn't smell too designer very high quality for a designer.

I'm not going to sit here and say it smells niche, but it's bordering on one of the better performing fragrances from John Varvatos. You can get about six hours with this. Yes, six hours is one of the better performing John Varvatos fragrances, and, in my opinion, this is probably the best fragrance from the house.

This one is a must-have. I love wearing this one in the winter for sure when it's really cold outside, there's a severe chill in the air, and you put your jacket on while sitting by fire stuff like that. The smokiness and this will blend with this - you know the mood and go with the vibe.

This one is sweet tobacco, fragrance, more rough and rugged for sure than some of the others, the easier to wear, and the cleaner tobacco that we've talked about. We're starting to get into the more masculine tobaccos for sure, and John Varvatos Dark Rebel one of those you’ve just got to love.


10, Mancera Red Tobacco

Speaking of rough and rugged…like, I said with John Varvatos Dark Rebel, rougher rugged and raw. This fragrance is most intense because of the added oud and the incense's smokiness on this one.

This one is from Mancera; it's Red Tobacco. Now, this takes a similar scent profile to Argos, but Argos Triumph of Bacchus is much, much cleaner. This fragrance is a little bit louder than that one and, like I said this, one's, a bit spicier this one's, a bit more harsh, beautiful, beautiful.

My favorite tobacco fragrance and has been for a long time. Now nuclear performance; it's like a 16-hour fragrance. It fills a room. You do not need a lot of sprays. It's a compliment magnet, but it's a much rougher in the opening because of that spicy food and that heavy smoky incense used in this one.

It's such a pleasing fragrance, though, oh man, and you can get them for an excellent price from kingdom fragrances. They have them in stock right now. Their link is down below.

If you want to check them out, see who's got the better price and go with it, because this is a must-have as well. Under a hundred bucks, from the discounters, I don't know what they're going for nine around 90ish 80-ish dollars, retails much more than double that, but from discounters.

This one is the best affordable niche fragrance money can buy for the colder months, and it just happens to be my favorite tobacco fragrance. I mean hell, it is right there in the name, and that's Mancera Red Tobacco.



Triumph of Bacchus Argos Conclusion

Well, guys, that's my favorite tobacco list right now. I have more fragrances where tobacco is more of a supporting player than the most dominant note. In this video/article wanted to focus on my favorites that are dominated by a tobacco note. One of the two or three main things you will pick out overwhelmingly is a tobacco fragrance; that's what this video was about, and until next time I will say if you get your hands on any of the fragrances discussed here today and you give them a spray. I'm pretty confident you'll. Thank me later.

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