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The first of 12 labors that Heracles (Hercules to the Romans) was required to perform was to kill the Nemean lion.


Nemean Lion Fragrance

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NEMEAN is a fragrance that is inspired by the timeless tale of the cunning and invincible beast in Greek mythology. The Nemean lion, a formidable monster, unleashed havoc in Argos with its impervious golden fur and razor-sharp claws. Raised by Hera and sent to Nemea to punish worshippers of Zeus, the lion faced its inevitable demise at the hands of the legendary Heracles.

Despite arrows proving futile, Heracles, displaying both determination and cunning, skillfully cornered and ultimately strangled the lion. Utilizing its own claws, he claimed its invincible golden fur as body armor. This fragrance unfolds with scent notes that mirror the mythical creature's resilience and the triumphant ingenuity displayed by Heracles in the face of an apparently insurmountable challenge.

In gratitude for its unexpected role in attempting to kill Heracles, Hera immortalized the Nemean Lion as the constellation Leo—a celestial tribute, forever commemorating the cunning beast's place among the stars. Untamed yet boldly unique, Argos Nemean Lion is an opulent fragrance that commands attention. Nemean Lion opens with Subtle Citrus, Scottish Pine, Resinous Labdanum, and Dry Oak Moss. It then transitions into a powerful heart of Intense Clary Sage, Peppery Coriander, Rich Jasmine, Pink Peppercorn, and Juniper Berries. Base notes of Warming Amber, Regal Mysore Sandalwood, Leather, and Musk produce a wildly unique and attractive aroma.

Be remembered…
Undeniably ARGOS.

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