Texas’s New Oil Man: CEO of Argos Fragrances Christian Petrovich

Texas’s New Oil Man: CEO of Argos Fragrances Christian Petrovich

Christian Petrovich is the CEO of Argos Fragrances, a luxury niche fragrance company that is making waves in the industry. With a passion for creating unique and high-quality fragrances, Mr. Petrovich has taken Argos to new heights and is showing the world why future generations should get into the luxury niche fragrance market. Creating the perfect fragrance is not an easy task, and it requires a unique blend of creativity, artistry, and chemistry. One man who has mastered this craft is Christian Petrovich.

The story of how Mr. Petrovich built his company from scratch is one that is both inspiring and instructive, and it offers valuable lessons for entrepreneurs and business leaders everywhere.

Mr. Petrovich is an American born model

Mr. Petrovich is an American born model, actor, and successful real estate developer. He is also of Italian & Russian decent. His modeling career took him around the globe to the most exotic locations. He began a successful modeling career that spanned over two decades and has taken part of dozens of fashion shows from New York, Milan, Paris, Dallas and Miami. Mr. Petrovich is an award-winning actor and has played various rolls in several movies and television productions. He has a passion for real estate and is a rental property owner and land developer based in Dallas, Texas USA. 

Mr. Petrovich was fortunate to be able to turn his passion for fashion and fragrance into a full-time luxury niche fragrance house. Creating bespoke, private label fragrances for Europe’s elite as well as celebrities. After several years working and creating the highest quality fragrances for others Mr. Petrovich decided to launch Argos Fragrances publicly in 2018. He was fascinated by the power of scent and its ability to evoke emotion and memories. After being engulfed in the fashion industry for so many years, he was able to learn the craft of fragrance-making and developing his own unique style.

High-quality niche fragrances

Investing in luxury niche fragrances can be a smart financial move. As Petrovich notes, "High-quality niche fragrances tend to hold their value over time, making them a wise investment for collectors and enthusiasts." In fact, many rare and limited-edition fragrances have been known to appreciate in value over the years, making them a potentially lucrative investment opportunity.

Christian Petrovich tells us about the history and philosophy behind his brand, and how it differentiates itself in the luxury fragrance market.

“My deep passion for creating unique and luxurious fragrances coupled with experience and expertise, has elevated Argos Fragrances amongst the highest sought after perfume brands in the luxury niche category. The goal for Argos from day one was to be synonymous with pure class and luxury. My fragrances are modern yet timeless. Each note carefully selected to retell an ancient Greek mythological story.  Argos Fragrances are opulent and unapologetic. Every single detail has been carefully curated for our customers. Each Argos Fragrance is crafted with care, resulting in a one-of-a-kind scent. The fragrance collection is designed to stand out, with a focus on quality and complexity, using only the finest raw materials. When a new Argos Fragrance is released, our loyal customers trust that every single aroma is a unique marvel and is intended to honor their patronage by offering them a sensory experience unlike any other.”

Argus Panoptes

The origin of how Mr. Petrovich came up with the concept for the name is rather a unique one. Mr. Petrovich created the name Argos for his brand, after Argus Panoptes (or Argos), (Ἄργος Πανόπτης), a primordial giant who was all-seeing in Greek Mythology.  He is described with multiple, often one hundred, eyes. Argos was given a mythic role, set by Hera as a very effective watchman. Hera in affect had Argos watch and report back to her on Zeus. Argos was able to accomplish this task due to his having so many eyes that only a few of the eyes would sleep at a time: there were always eyes still awake.

At first, Argos Fragrances was a one-man operation. Mr. Petrovich worked out of his one bedroom luxury apartment in Dallas, Texas, handcrafting each scent himself and selling them to local boutiques and perfume shops. He was driven by his passion for fragrance-making and his desire to create something that was truly unique and special.

Despite the challenges of starting a new business in a highly competitive industry, Petrovich persevered. He poured his heart and soul into each fragrance, experimenting with different ingredients and techniques to create scents that were both complex and subtle. He believed that a great fragrance should be like a great piece of art, evoking emotions and memories that transport the wearer to another time and place.

Mr. Petrovich's reputation for quality and attention 1

Mr. Petrovich's reputation for quality and attention

Mr. Petrovich's reputation for quality and attention 3

Mr. Petrovich's reputation for quality and attention 4

Over time, Argos Fragrances began to gain a following amongst discerning perfume lovers. Mr. Petrovich's reputation for quality and attention to detail began to spread, and he was soon approached by high-end retailers who wanted to carry his fragrances. This led to a period of rapid growth for the company, as Mr. Petrovich hired more staff and expanded his operations to meet the demand for his products.

Today, Argos Fragrances is a thriving business with a global reach. The company's fragrances are sold in high-end luxury niche department stores and boutiques around the world, and they have been featured in many local and international lifestyle and fashion magazines.

Argos Pallas Athene Perfume Launch Party 7

This dedication to quality has earned Argos Fragrances a loyal following among connoisseurs of luxury fragrances and the overall fragrance community. Customers appreciate the time and effort that goes into each scent, and they are willing to pay a premium price for the privilege of wearing an Argos fragrance. Petrovich's fragrances are not just products, they are works of art that are designed to evoke emotions and memories that last a lifetime.

Hand Painting Argos DANAE

Some of the many questions we asked during our interview with Mr. Petrovich was what will be next for you as you venture on in the industry, will you branch out of fragrance in the near future?

“The future is full of possibilities but right now I am honing my craft and building out the infrastructure for production and distribution of Argos Fragrances. By the end of 2023 we will have manufacturing and production facilities in France, North America and Turkey.

Of course, the Argos brand has been involved in almost every aspect of perfumery from personal fragrances to scent marketing.  We have a great selection of home and office scent diffusers; travel atomizers and we will be creating fragrance candles to pair with each one of our fragrances. There are plans to offer women’s and men’s accessories like long wallets and purses and even jewelry.  Some of these have already been created bespoke for several of our customers.”

Mr. Petrovich tells us how he differentiates his brand

In such a highly competitive fragrance market, Mr. Petrovich tells us how he differentiates his brand and maintains a loyal customer base.

“You have to have your own voice to rise above the fray. There are hundreds of new fragrances launched every year and new brands popping up left and right. Having a clear definition of who you are as a brand and what your goals are is important to maintain your focus, which should also be on the customers. Consumers are savvy and in this digital age information is a finger press away and they are bombarded with advertisements. For me personally I have always had my blinders on.  In creating my fragrances, I even took a 5-year sabbatical from smelling any other fragrances on the market just so I could focus on what I was creating and to not be tainted by any outside influences during my creative process. Another key component to differentiating and maintaining our loyal Argos Fragrances customer base is to simply over deliver.  It’s no longer good enough to just release a great smelling scent. You have to make the client feel special and unique and cared for.

Each bottle features a unique and custom 3d artwork adorns the front of each bottle helping to retell the ancient mythological legend. These hand-painted plaques allude to the masterfully created fragrances that await inside each crystal-clear, crystal adorned falcon with metal cap beckoning to be released. Argos Fragrances are truly works of art and they regularly sell out.”

We dive deeper into complex subjects and ask Mr. Petrovich, what do he see as the future of the luxury fragrance industry, and how is his company positioned to thrive in this evolving landscape?

“I feel very optimistic about the future of Argos Fragrances.  Not only are we expanding into new markets and enjoying an amazing period of growth, now we are building out our infrastructure and laying the groundwork for some amazing new products to come. 

We have seen a huge demographic shift as women consumers are now growing in number and purchasing more luxury niche perfumes. There are several emerging markets in Asia that for years were more conservative when it came to scents that are now demanding higher quality, unique luxury fragrance.

Yes, there will be some major challenges in regulations and there are always issues with rising shipping and material costs, increased competition, clone brands and counterfeiters, and even sourcing difficulties but I am confident that as Argos continues to grow, we will be able to overcome those hurdles.”

Finally, we come to the question that many of us environmentally friendly folks have been pondering. We bring up the subject of sustainability and social responsibility becoming increasingly important to consumers, and how does his company address these issues in his business practices.

Mr. Petrovich replies with, “Argos fragrances are cruelty-free, and made without parabens, sulfates, triclosan, phthalates, mineral oil, or dyes. All our formulas are submitted to IFRA for review to make sure that our scents are safe for our customers.

An advantage of being a smaller luxury niche brand is that we do not mass produce our products.  We generally produce what we need and what is requested by our wholesale partners, boutiques, and distributors but we do not keep an excess amount of inventory. We run a tight ship and do not produce excess waste.

Argos Adonis Awakens Crystal Bottle with Rose 1

Argos Adonis Awakens Crystal Bottle with Rose 2

Argos Adonis Awakens Crystal Bottle with Rose 3

We are also very agile as a company and a brand. When there are new regulations or new and better processes created, we can adapt, change, and take advantage of the situation by not having a mass production process. We quite often find new ways to improve our designs, packaging, and processes to help keep costs down and to protect our environment.

Making our products in small batches also ensures that we maintain a consistent level of quality and uniqueness, despite the natural variations in ingredients. We have verifiable and reliable and responsible sourcing for our precious raw materials. Argos Fragrances are created using the finest natural ingredients from around the world and are produced in our private lab in Grasse, France. Using state of the art equipment and time-honored techniques, make our high-quality fragrances as uniquely memorable as they are satisfying.”



There we have it. Texas’s New Oil Man. He is certainly a force to be reckoned with in the luxury fragrance culture and community. Christian Petrovich is creating unique and timeless fragrances that evoke emotion and opulence. Although we can’t know for sure what lies ahead, if there is one thing that can be taken away from our interview, it’s that the future of Argos is bright, and Mr. Petrovich is paving the way.

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