Give The Gift Of Fragrance This Mothers Day

Give The Gift Of Fragrance This Mothers Day

Argos Fragrances, based in the USA make ultra-luxurious niche perfumes/colognes for men/women.

By NATLIA DUBINSKY – Beauty Expert & Celebrity Stylist

 Argos Perfume Triump of Bacchus Hold By Fashion Artist

Mother’s Day is upon us and now its time to return the love and show appreciation to the special moms and mother figures in our lives.

She has been there for you through thick and thin, brought you into this world and maybe even bailed you out of jail.  Who knows?  But now is the time to show her you care, that you haven’t forgotten all the little and monumentous things she has done for you. 

Not to put you on the spot but there are little times designated for moms and for one day a year you get the chance to step up and let her know you appreciate her and that she is appreciated.

I know that some moms are not easy to find gifts for.  She’s probably sacrificed a lot and put aside many of her own hobbies and passions to help raise you up to the thoughtful and appreciative upstanding son or daughter you have become today. Don’t worry about the patented, “I don’t need anything”, or “I have everything I want”, response from mom when you ask her what she wants this Mother’s Day.

Of course, she’s not going to tell you.  Asking is so faux pas.  DO NOT be that tactless child that forgets to show Mom just a little bit of love and thoughtfulness.  This year don’t even ask mom what she wants.

Now, you might be an artist, a painter or a musician and have written her a beautiful ballad or painted her a painting to rival Monet.  If you have the talent and the time, then Bravo!! You have my vote for child of the year.  However, if your Monet looks more like a 5-year old’s version of Pablo Picasso’s “Two Women In The Country”, or your beautiful ballad sounds more like an Ice JJ Fish song  then let me help you out in a major way.

You want to make a statement this Mother’s Day? Show her you care, appreciate and love all that she has done for you with something timeless, unique and thoughtful.

Enter Argos Fragrances. The House of Argos is known for their highly artistic, beautiful hand polished and painted bottles, super luxurious, long-lasting fragrances with notes expertly chosen based on Greek and Roman mythology.  They have taken the fragrance community by storm and you can’t go wrong with the gift of scent.

Studies have shown just how important and powerful that our sense of smell is. It has been proven that people recall 35% of what they smell, compared to only 5% of what they see, 2% of what they hear and 1% of that they touch. According to this study, we can remember smells for one year with a precision of 65% and retain their memories over time.

Now I’m sure you can all remember and look back fondly on certain smells in you lives and chances are that your mom has a favorite perfume or two that she has been using for decades.  It’s time to bring mom into the 21st Scentury.  I hope you see what I just did there.  Ok, here is where you become the hero.  Argos fragrances has literally got you covered with the most unique and beautiful luxury niche perfumes available.

Argos Fragrances are timeless, bold and nuanced. If you want to engage all the senses and leave an everlasting impression on mom, then you need to up your gift giving game. Argos produces their super luxurious fragrances at their state-of-the-art lab in Nice, France use a unique blending and maceration processes that bridges the gap between the modern world with all its advancements and conveniences, and the old where timeless traditions, meaning, and attention to detail are paramount.

According to Christian Petrovich, the brand's perfumer and founder and even models for the brand.

"Fragrance is a subtle Kiss that no one sees" We have taken and elevated fragrances back to their panicle in time.  We wish to engage all of our senses.  We seek to entice your carnal sense of smell and take your mind on a journey into some of the most ancient and romantic legends of all time.  I have married my love for fragrance, Greek/Roman mythology with my passion for art history.  You will be remembered wearing an Argos fragrance.


Now, lets just discuss how beautiful these fragrances are inside and out.  All of their 7 current releases are Eau de Parfum strength which means they are going to last a long time.  I purchased a sample pack last year and then again, this April to get my nose on their 2 newest releases and I am simply blown away at the quality, strength, beauty of the smells of these Argos Fragrances and the bottles are simply a work of art.  I purchased the original Pour Femme in 2021 when I discovered the house and it’s quickly become one of my top 5 everyday scents.  I don’t even have to think about it when I grab for Argos Pour Femme. This is a universally loved scent and one that isn’t challenging or too nuanced for a perfume newbie.  

Updated Argos New Pour Femme Perfume Bottles 100ml and 30ml

Argos Pour Femme is a stunningly sensual and feminine scent. This simply unforgettable and intoxicating scent has a gorgeous scent trail, a wonderful scent bubble, and is rich.

Made from the finest essential oils, Argos Pour Femme lasts for hours and is Eau de Parfum strength. Its aromatic floral top notes produce a powerful yet intimate fragrance.

Argos Pour Femme begins with a beautiful symphony of Passionate Violet Leaves from Greece, Fresh Italian Bergamot, Exotic and Calming Jamaican Ginger, The Finest Moroccan Lemon, and Exquisite Orange Blossom Absolute from Egypt.

Argos Pour Femme transitions smoothly from its exotic and rich top into its heart of Fresh Iris Cloves, Pink Pepper, Whispers of Lavender, Wild Jasmine, Lilly Of The Valley and Sweet Bulgarian Rose.

Argos Pour Femme finishes remarkably with Rich Sicilian Sandalwood, Warming Amber, White Musk for depth, Exotic Oriental Vanilla Bean, Soulful Tonka Bean and Calming Ylang Ylang.

Now, let’s say mom is a fragrance aficionado and has quite a collection of scents.  This is the perfect time to do a little showing off then.  Argos Bacio Immortale is a beautiful unisex scent that might just win you top honors at this year’s best Mother’s Day gift contest. 

The aura that this enchantingly sensual scent carries is timeless. Argos Bacio Immortale is a royal fragrance with perfectly blended Elegant Citrus and Smoky Oud notes.

A divine fragrance with accents of Violet, Whispers of Jasmine, Sweet Raspberry, Decadent Leather, and Deep Birch Wood that are powerfully romantic.

This fragrance stole my heart from the first sniff I took.  I fell head over heels for the star note in this perfume, the Raspberry.  It’s not candied or synthetic smelling at all.  It’s almost mouthwatering how realistic this ripe Raspberry note is. I don’t typically like leather-based fragrances but this one has such a soft and supple leather I felt myself enamored by its depth.  There is also a touch of Oud and birch wood in the base.

Again, this fragrance is Eau de Parfum concentration and will last and last.  When you consider the cost of some luxury niche perfumes this one defiantly gives you the most bang for the buck and it’s unique.

Ok, so your mom is the hard to please type and also has a walk-in closet with racks of fragrances at her disposal.  What do you get the woman who has everything? No problem.  For the boss, power shopper mom Argos has you covered.  They just released Pallas Athene last month and this scent is totally fit for the goddess of war, the goddess of wisdom and arts…Athena.  I picked up a 30ml bottle during their pre-launch event in February and secured my bottle before it sold out.  I just checked and it is back in stock, for now.

This captivating scent is both romantic and commanding. Opening with Bright Bergamot, Delicious Red Berry, Grapefruit, and Spicy Pink Peppercorn,

Argos PALLAS ATHENE transitions perfectly into a floral heart of Peony, Violet, and Rose Petals.

Bold base notes of Powdery Iris, Mysore Sandalwood, Amber, Earthy Vetiver, Patchouli, and Creamy Vanilla produce a powerfully seductive and bold fragrance.

I get a fruity-floral top and mid on this one for sure which is the feminine part but here’s also this creamy earthy base of vetiver and patchouli that give it a touch of masculinity and dept.  It is listed as unisex but this one is definitely leaning on the feminine side.  A little goes a long way on this scent and just a couple of sprays lasts me a good 9 hours plus.  Any more sprays and you go nuclear but if that’s your mom jam then this is a home run.

Their packaging is some of the most elaborate and beautiful ever seen, and don't get me started on the bottles!! We are talking about ultra-luxury here. Having held one in my hands personally, I can say there is absolutely nothing like it.  No corners were cut here.  This bottle could be used as a weapon; it is so thick and heavy, and it literally weighs over a pound.  The glass is hand polished and stands erect like a powerful Greek column.  Some of the artwork metal plates are even hand painted and adorned with crystals. 

Argos TOB Bottles with Box and Open Display

There is a recessed area on the front in which a solid metal 3D artwork relief designed by the perfumer Mr. Petrovich is inlaid.  These plates are hand-painted and have crystals adorning them as well.  These are works of art, not just your typical run-of-the-mill fragrance bottles.

I now have four of the brand's seven current releases, the Pour Femme, which I absolutely adore, and so does everyone around me.  When I am wearing this warm, floral masterpiece, I can literally feel the attention of the room gravitate towards me. Trust me, this is like catnip for men.

Do not wear this unless you are comfortable with garnering that much attention.  I also have the brand's current number one hit, the Triumph of Bacchus. Which I honestly didn't think I would like at all with the note of tobacco composition.  I have fallen absolutely in love with this scent.  So much so that I am questioning everything I used to know about my taste in perfumes. 

This one has opened up my olfactory preferences, and I am ready to explore more.  This is absolutely a to die for fruity gourmand with a sweet but so real tobacco coupled with a top shelf Rhum note that is stunningly intoxicating.

I have also heard from the brand that they have up to 2 more new releases coming this year, and one will be coming out any day now.  This will be a limited release, and the title has been confirmed as ADONIS AWAKENS.  The pre-sale event for Adonis Awakens is on now!! I have my order in for a 100ml to be shipped to me in June.  I know that Argos Fragrances often sell out so I’m not taking any chances.  I do not mind one bit waiting a month for one of these masterpieces.  The piece of mind alone, knowing that I’ll get mine before they sell out is good enough for me.

I now have samples of the rest of the Argos Fragrances lineup.  Kudos to Argos Fragrances for making it super easy to get a sample pack to try these niche fragrances out before you commit to a full bottle.  They have also thoughtfully released every fragrance in both 100ml and 30ml sizes.  Luxury niche fragrances are not cheap, and neither is the beautiful juice inside each one of these gorgeous flacons.  So, if you have a sample pack you can at least pick your preference and then if you can’t afford the 100ml you at least have the 30ml option to start with.  I have my nose set on PALLAS ATHENE as my next purchase, and I cannot wait until Adonis Awakens comes out.  This will be hands down the sexiest scents I have gotten my nose on this year and I’m not even playing around with the 30ml.  I’m going full on 100ml for this next release.

Argos BI Bottles with Box and Open Display

It's one thing to smell these on a tester strip and quite another to smell these on the skin. It's a very sensual experience to smell this caliper of scent on a man or a woman.  The results are unexcitingly carnal and arousing.  There is definitely something else at play here that is unexplainable without experiencing it firsthand.  My suggestion to you is to get your hands and nose on this fragrance house immediately.  I know several of their fragrances have sold out, and with the Mother’s Day holiday is literally a week away!! I wouldn't be surprised if these go out of stock. 

The message from Argos Fragrances is crystal clear. If you are into fragrance and you want the very best, look no further than Argos Fragrances.

If you want to show mom that you care, you’re appreciative all while seeming to have spent a fortune and spent months picking up the most thoughtful and unique gift then do yourself a huge favor and get her an Argos Fragrance and while you’re at it get her the sample pack.  Chances are she’s going to love several of their perfumes and when her birthday or Christmas roles around you’re going to know exactly what to get her next. 

P.S. – You’re Welcome!!


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