Father’s Day 2023 Top 10 Gift Guide: Pick The Best Fragrance for Your Type of Dad

Father’s Day 2023 Top 10 Gift Guide: Pick The Best Fragrance for Your Type of Dad

These distinctive scents are certain to make dad feel like he’s #1 and boost his mood this Father’s Day—and keep him smiling the rest of the year as well.

/ 10

Argos Pour Homme

For the Classic Yet Dapper Dad

Is your dad sophisticated, charming, charismatic?  Does he like to dress well for special occasions and is always well groomed.  A dad that is debonair is sometimes impossible to buy for.  Quite often they are stuck with their 1 or 2 go to standby scents.  Its time to give dad an upgrade bringing him into the 21st century while still maintaining the sophistication and versatility he enjoys.  Look no further then Argos Pour Homme – A refined and distinct cologne that is an instant classic with a modern twist.  Argos Pour Homme is fresh, clean and timeless with a versatility and longevity you won’t just will not get in many fresh, woody scents. 

Argos Pour Homme makes the perfect Father’s Day gift. It starts off with fresh, sweet citrus notes, with a touch of British gin which then develop into a sensual amber, resinous and woody musky dry-down.  I must warn you.  If your dad doesn’t feel comfortable receiving compliments then be careful picking up this modern masterpiece.

Argos Pour Homme, $175 for 100ml

/ 10

D.S. & Durga Burning Barbershop

Hipster Dad

Does your dad like to dress in the latest casual fashion?  Maybe pairing a pair of prewashed, faded, preshrunk with patched holes jeans with a nice set of suede or leather boots, perfectly fitting button up shirt, untucked of course with the sleeves rolled up? Does your dad have an immaculately groomed beard, perfect fade, cleanly cut mustache and knows about hair paste, beard oil or dry shampoo?  Well if your dad is the cool dad then this fragrance may be right up his alley. This Father’s Day check out DS and Durga Burning Barbershop. Drawing creativity from the Westlake, N.Y. Curling Bros barbershop, which caught fire in 1891, this perfume rides the fence on clean vs grimy. Like a burnt aftershave as the name eludes this scent consists of; spearmint, vanilla, and lavender elements mingle with smoky wood notes.

D.S. & Durga Burning Barbershop $260

3 / 10

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Italian Zest Pour Homme

For the Fit Dad

Does your dad wake up at the crack of dawn each day for a good sweat at the gym or run outdoors?  Finding your fitness freak dad, the perfect Father’s Day gift is simple and not too pricy either.  Citrus scents tend to be fresh, energizing and clean.  But no need to break the bank on a sporty fragrance for the super athlete dad.  To complement his active and on the go, lifestyle pick up Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Italian Zest Pour Homme.  This has a tangy twist the brands more widely known Light Blue cologne.  This scent is aromatic, has notes of fresh bergamot, grapefruit and mandarin with rosemary and pepper for brightness and balance.

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Italian Zest Pour Homme, $88

4 / 10

Louis Vuitton SS

For the Well-Travelled Dad

There’s something decidedly exotic about scents, and this perfume pays homage to one of the most beautiful balsamic notes in perfumery: Peruvian balsam. Louis Vuitton SS undoubtedly conjures up imagery of far off destinations. Inspired by the wind rushing against the skin at full speed and all the exhilarating adventures and experiences along the way, master perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud composed a grounded fragrance to wear for any occasion. Another fragrance that’s perfect for Father’s Day, this scent is ideally tailored for the adventurous dad who feels just as at-home on the other side of the world as he does in his own digs. Alongside his razor and toothpaste, this fragrance is designed to become an essential item in his checked luggage.

Louis Vuitton SS 2019, $250 for 100mL, $360 or $200mL

5 / 10

Argos Triumph of Bacchus

The Regal, Life of the Party Dad

Does your dad like to attend lavish parties, dress up in elegant suede or plush velvet sport coats with matching loafers?  We have but one recommendation for this type of bold yet elegant connoisseur of style and social regality. Argos Triumph of Bacchus is the perfect gift for the dad that wants to stand out and isn’t afraid of the limelight.  This Luxurious scent is shrouded in grandeur and mystery. Wildly romantic and fragrant notes dance beautifully together in chorus. Argos Triumph of Bacchus is an exotic fragrance opening with Spicy Saffron, Royal Green Apple, and Rhum notes. Confident and refined Tobacco is paired perfectly with Amber and Vanilla, revealing a powerfully seductive and almost sinful aphrodisiac.

Argos Triumph of Bacchus, $245 for 100mL

6 / 10

EX NIHILO Citizen X Eau de Parfum


CITIZEN X is the personification of modern-day manliness, with a distinctly Parisian twist. This is not your grandfather’s cologne.  Masculine yet not contemporary this scent is for the macho dad that likes to smell manly yet wants to keep up with the times.  Crisp, airy and exploding top notes combine the spicy freshness of mastic tree with the purity of white pepper. An enveloping and reassuring heart of iris blossoms into a base of woody incense and the sensuality of musk.

EX NIHILO Citizen X Eau de Parfum $225/$325 (50ml/100ml)


7 / 10

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male In The Navy

For the Nautical Dad

For the dad that just can’t seem to keep away from the water.  If your dad is happiest on a boat, fishing, sitting dockside with a cold one in hand or his nickname is Aquaman then this frag is perfect.  Aquatic scents are just the thing for the nautical dad.  These types of colognes are usually a mash up of fresh marine notes with crisp florals and come off generally as clean, white scents.  Spotlight on Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male In The Navy.  As the name suggests it fits the bill for the water loving pops.  This aquatic cologne has a fresh peppermint note with a twist. It has a warm and cozy base and is surprisingly refreshing.  It all but transports dad onto a sundrenched deck of a sailboat carousing the high seas with every spray.

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male In The Navy, 125 mL, $110

8 / 10

Bastide Verveine du Sud Eau de Toilette, 10 ml

For the Dad Who Appreciates Life’s Simple Pleasures

If dad’s idea of the perfect day involves giving his green thumb a workout in the garden or perfecting his slow cooker chili recipe, it’s high time he was introduced to Bastide. At the forefront of the “clean grooming” movement, the French lifestyle brand has a back-to-basics philosophy, including a commitment to all-natural ingredients—a relative rarity in the fragrance market. Of particular interest this Father’s Day is Bastide’s Verveine du Sud Eau de Toilette: an unusual unisex scent that combines warm elements of amber, white musk and blond wood with Italian lemon and grapefruit. The kicker is a refreshing combo of mint and peppermint. It’s the next best thing to a stroll through the immaculately kept maze hedges of Aix-en-Provence.

Bastide Verveine du Sud Eau de Toilette, 10 mL, $42

9 / 10

Byredo Mister Marvelous

Mr. Wonderful Dad

Is your Dad the Mr. Wonderful type?  As in Marvelous, exquisite or astonishing. Well if your pops has his own eccentric flare with a hint of strangeness mixed in there then this might be the frag for your dad.  This is not for the play it safe type of dad.  This is the dad that is bold, brash and not afraid to try and actually appreciates the idea of trying out new things.  This dad might already have a growing collection of fragrances. To give you a little more insight Byredo’s founder, Ben Gorham, has chosen to highlight a male figure who embodies his interpretation of Mr. Wonderful, world famous hair stylist Christiaan Houtenbos. This fragrance starts off with top notes of mandarin leaves and neroli followed by heart notes of bamboo and lavender.  This scent finishes with black amber and white cedarwood.

Byredo Mister Marvelous - $230 (100ml)


10 / 10

Argos Brivido Della Caccia

The Wild Child Dad

Ok we saved the best for last.  This one is not for the weak of heart.  If your father is bold, daring loves the outdoors and the earthiness of nature yet wants a scent that absolutely commands attention in a good way then this is the perfect Father’s Day cologne for dad. Argos Brivido Della Caccia is wildly romantic yet strikingly refined and elegant. This work of art unfolds with an enigmatic composition of Juniper Berries, Mate Absolute, Oriental Tonka Bean Absolute and Rich Amber. An animalistic fragrance with accents of Supple Leather and Birch Wood that is as equally bold as it is romantic. This one will garner dad troves of compliments and may even spark up conversations in the process.  You have been warned.

Argos Brivido Della Caccia $245 for 100mL    

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