New Year's Resolutions, Fragrance Edition: Fragrances for Your Personal Growth Goals

New Year's Resolutions, Fragrance Edition: Fragrances for Your Personal Growth Goals

Ready to ditch the dusty resolutions and scent-sationalize your self-improvement in 2024? At Argos, we've paired powerful fragrances with your personal growth goals, so you can sniff your way to success. Whether you crave the fire of empowerment, the whispers of romance, or the unwavering pulse of resilience, Argos Fragrances has your olfactory masterpiece waiting to be discovered.

Inaugural Edition:

Pour Femme - Unleash Your Inner Femme Fatale

Personal Goal: Feel more Empowered

Pour Femme's passionate violet leaves, exotic ginger, and orange blossom absolute are a siren's call to power. Own your strength, own your desires, and radiate confidence that scorches the earth. Let the world surrender to your intoxicating allure. Embrace your femininity and ignite the power within. The empowering notes of Pour Femme will be your daily reminder to harness your strength and radiate confidence.

Pour Homme - Step Onto the Stage of Sophistication

Personal Goal: Embrace Sophistication

Pour Homme's British gin, lavender, and white musk weave a spell of modern finesse. Let this olfactory elixir be your signature spotlight, leaving a lingering impression of polished brilliance in every scene. Command attention with every step. Step into the realm of modern sophistication. Pour Homme encourages you to refine your style, leaving a lasting impression with elegance and grace.


Artist Line

Pallas Athene - Channel Your Inner Warrior

Personal Goal: Be More Courageous

Pallas Athene's bright bergamot, spicy pink peppercorn, and powdery iris are a battle cry in a bottle. Embrace the wisdom of strategy and the steadfast determination of the goddess, witnessing every challenge dissolve in the wake of your triumphant journey. Reflecting the essence of the Greek goddess of wisdom, Pallas Athene, this fragrance emboldens you to confront challenges with courage, strength, and wisdom.

Danaë - Awaken Your Divine Sensuality

Personal Goal: Explore Your Sensuality

Danaë's Sicilian lemon, spicy pink peppercorn, and intoxicating musk ignite a dance of the senses. Awaken the goddess within, delight in your innate magnetism, and find joy in every intimate moment. Drawing inspiration from divine love, Danaë encourages you to engage your senses and welcome the divine sensuality within, nurturing a profound connection with yourself.

Adonis Awakens - Embrace a Timeless Love Story

Personal Goal: Feel the Love in Your Life

Adonis Awakens' Bulgarian rose, creamy vanilla, and juicy raspberry paint a world of intoxicating romance. Nurture love in every facet of your life, allowing it to serve as the compass that guides your heart. Savor the enduring sweetness of every connection. Let the romantic scent of Adonis Awakens transport you to a realm of timeless love, nurturing your spirit to cultivate and celebrate romance in all aspects of life.

Fall Of Phaeton - Dare to Be the Hero of Your Own Epic Story

Personal Goal: Be Bold

Fall Of Phaeton's lightning bursts of bergamot, spicy cardamom, and animalic leather channel the audacious spirit of its namesake. Welcome the mayhem, challenge the boundaries, and craft your magnum opus with daring strokes that rewrite destiny's rules. Inspired by the audacious tale of Phaeton, this bold fragrance invites you to embrace daringly, confronting life's chaos and challenges with fearless audacity.

Love Triumphs Over War - Make Love the Guiding Force in Your Life's Symphony

Personal Goal: Prioritize Love

Love Triumphs Over War's sweet tuberose, iris, and warming amber weave a tapestry of harmony. Allow this captivating fragrance to serve as a gentle reminder to elevate love, foster connections, and let it guide the harmonious symphony of your life. Symbolizing the triumph of love over conflict, this enchanting scent encourages you to prioritize love in every facet of your life, nurturing connections that run deep.

Birth of Venus - Embrace Your Inner Aphrodite

Personal Goal: Focus on Self-Appreciation

Birth of Venus' juicy peach, iris, and seductive cashmere wood capture the essence of the goddess of beauty.Celebrate the brilliance within and without, allowing self-appreciation to serenade your journey, transforming you into the most enchanting rendition of yourself—a masterpiece crafted by self-love. Embodying the essence of the goddess of beauty, this divine fragrance beckons you to welcome and cherish both your inner and outer beauty.

The 12 Labors of Hercules:

Nemean Lion - Unleash Your Inner Champion

Personal Goal: Be Resilient

Nemean Lion's Scottish pine, juniper berries, and leather channel the unwavering strength of Hercules. Let this potent elixir empower you to face any obstacle with unwavering resilience and conquer every dragon that dares to stand in your path. Channel the strength of Hercules as you face life's challenges. Let the scent of the Nemean Lion empower you to overcome any obstacle with resilience.


The Italian Line:

Brivido Della Caccia - Embrace the Thrill of the Pursuit

Personal Goal: Hyper Focus on Ambition

Brivido Della Caccia's juniper berries, oriental tonka bean, and supple leather, inspired by the goddess Artemis, ignite your passion and determination. Pursue your goals with the relentless spirit of the hunt and savor the sweet victory of achievement, with every conquest a trophy in your journey. Inspired by Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, this fragrance encourages you to pursue your goals with passion and determination, embracing the thrill of the pursuit.

Bacio Immortale - Celebrate Enduring Love as Your Eternal Masterpiece

Personal Goal: Add Romance To Your Life

Bacio Immortale's elegant citrus, smoky oud, and deep birch wood capture the immortal kiss of Eros and Psyche. This regal fragrance elevates timeless love to an intoxicating symphony. Cherish those sacred connections and let them be the crescendo of your story, forever echoing in your heart. Capturing the immortal kiss of Eros and Psyche, this royal fragrance celebrates timeless love and romance, inviting you to revel in enduring connections.

Triumph Of Bacchus - Dance with Life's Mysteries

Personal Goal: Accept the Chaos Of Life And Feel Liberated

Triumph Of Bacchus' spicy saffron, tobacco, and amber embody the liberating spirit of the god of wine. Just as Bacchus liberates mortals from self-consciousness, let this intoxicating fragrance free you to embrace life's mysteries and chaos, fostering growth through liberation. Let this intoxicating fragrance help you find growth in the unexpected, and celebrate the wild dance of existence, a waltz with fate where you lead the steps.

Explore this fragrant collection at and embark on a captivating journey of self-discovery and transformation in 2024. Remember, every spritz is a note in your symphony of success. Own your power, embrace your chaos, and bloom into the most mesmerizing version of yourself. So go forth, compose, and conquer! The world awaits your olfactory masterpiece, an intoxicating testament to the audacious beauty of becoming you.

Let your fragrance be the anthem of your soul, and paint your 2024 with the intoxicating colors of courage, love, and the audacious beauty of becoming you.

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