Argos Fragrances New 30ml Mini Line Bottles - Perfumes Review by TLTG Reviews

Argos Fragrances New 30ml Mini Line Bottles - Perfumes Review by TLTG Reviews

So, believe it or not, I got another haul video lined up, and I’ve got some goodies from my absolute favorite luxury niche brand. I’ve got the new 30ml collection from Argos Fragrances. Stay tuned.

So, first and foremost, I am not going to bust open my letter from Christian, the owner of Argos Fragrances.

I will read that letter after the fact, and then he did tell me about these new leather pouches - that they had and that they're going to be coming with the 30ml bottles. He did send one of them out to me. This is a genuine leather with the Argos logo printed on its drawstring type of bag. Such a nice little accessory to keep your Argos Fragrance safe in your bag or even to travel with these 30ml bottles.

We will go over the Argos Fragrances but first and foremost don’t you just love the wax stamp on every single bottle? This Argos Mini Line is just a smaller version of the 100ml bottles and boxes but with some upgrades!!

This is what I'm talking about when I talk about niche luxury. You’ve got different color wrapping with the Argos wax seal on top of each outer package. So, I'll go ahead and do a little bit of a time-lapse for you and cut these open, real, quick.

Once again, as you can see, I have them all unpacked, and I'll go ahead and unbox all of them so that we can take a look at the presentation and the bottles. I do have the full range of all 5 of Argos Fragrances current releases here.

First well take a look at the new 30ml boxes.  As you can see, this is just a smaller version of their 100ml fragrance boxes. It looks exactly like the 100ml box. On the outside and inside of the boxes you have the exact same information accept these say 30ml. I’m taking the Triumph of Bacchus 30ml bottle out now and I’ve got to say that's a lot of weight for a 30ml bottle.

As you can see, the same plate appears on the front of the 30ml bottle it’s just a bit smaller. You know it still has that thick base glass. Here is one of the new upgrades to the 30ml bottle is the heavy all-metal cap that does click into place. There is a lot of weight on this cap, a nice change as you can see, there is a collar stop for it, and this has the new pressure sensitive micro atomizer style. Oh man, look at that fine mist, and you can control it.

Absolute gorgeous addition with this new Cap style, and for comparison's sake, I have my full 100-milliliter bottle of the Triumph of Bacchus here. You can see the size difference, and it is just a smaller version of the full-size bottle, whereas here, as you can see, I can pick up the new 30ml bottle by the metal cap and its securely locked into place, awesome.

This all-metal cap does click into place and has this new gorgeous and beautiful atomizers that have such a fine mist. It’s such a good scent and with this new atomizer producing such a fine mist, you get a lot more of the heart notes right away from the first spray with your top notes, it's an incredible design.

Christian really outdid himself by going this route, and the beauty of these 30-milliliter bottles is this puts you into a different price bracket. With these new atomizers and the potency and performance of these fragrances, 30ml goes a lot further with Argos fragrances than many other fragrances do.

Because you're getting the performance, you don't need many sprays.  For those of you that have checked out my Triumph of Bacchus full review. Three to four sprays are more than enough with this fragrance. The same goes for the 30ml bottle, and it is going to go a very long way with these fragrances.

30ml will go quite a while, depending on if it will be everyday wear for you, special occasion wear for you, seasonal, all these different factors that can play in, 30ml may last you a long time.

Luckily, they constantly have inventory flowing in and out as soon as they sell out. Argos usually has a restock coming shortly after selling out again pretty quickly just since the announcement of these new 30ml Argos Minis. Once they got released, they sold out right away.

I want to say they’ve sold out two or three times, and then there's a restock soon thereafter Some of these 30ml bottles are still available depending on the fragrance.  I know the Triumph of Bacchus 30ml is sold out and will be available again very soon. As always I will put link down below for Argos Fragrances. If you are interested in any of these new 30ml Argos Minis, these are all absolutely gorgeous.

I can tell you my stepdaughter has already spoken for the 30ml of Triumph of Bacchus. Because when she ordered her boyfriend's Christmas present from Kingdom Fragrances, as you know, Steve always sends a carded sample of Triumph of Bacchus, and she blew through that and fell in love with the fragrance. I told her I had these coming so.

She’s already spoken for that, so that's gone. With the Argos Pour Femme, my wife has already spoken for that one as well, so two of these five, after this video, are no longer in my collection, but they are very, very well done. All wonderful fragrances here.

Some I have not even had a chance to dive into yet from Argos. I have been spending a lot of time with the Argos Triumph of Bacchus, and I've spent some time with the Argos Pour Homme. I've yet to explore the Argos Brivido Della Caccia and Argos Bacio Immortale, but I will be diving into those very soon.

Argos Triumph of Bacchus 30ml Perfume

Argos Fragrances make nothing but incredibly high-quality powerhouse scents.  Until next time I will say, if you get anything from Argos Fragrances and you give them a spray now, there is a really good chance you'll end up thanking me later and picking up at least one or two from their lineup.

Thank you and have a good one.

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