10 Best Fall Fragrances for Men 2023

10 Best Fall Fragrances for Men 2023


What's going on, everybody. So this is one I've been meaning to do for several weeks now, and I'm just now getting around to it, unfortunately, because it's starting to get a little bit cooler. I'm really starting to want to push to pull out my niche fragrances a bit more so the designers that I've been wearing lately are a bit fresher whereas the niche fragrances that I want to talk to you about in this article have a little bit more density and just kind of work perfectly for the fall so let's get into it.


Below are the top 10 fall fragrances. Let's take an in-depth look into all of them one by one.



First up, from Argos Fragrances Triumph of Bacchus. One of the cleanest and beautiful boozy tobaccos I've ever smelled. This stuff is next level clean, and when I say clean, I mean the ingredients and the oils used in this fragrance just have such a clean and pure smell to them. They just smell of such high quality. It really does. Loud, not a subtle scent, and definitely extremely long-lasting.

We are talking 12 plus hours. This is going to be on you when you take your shower in the evening. If you're an evening shower type of person such as myself, if you spray in the morning, it'll still be there that night. This stuff is no joke. Very classy for being a boozy…you know rum absolute with this beautiful tobacco note.

The peach and the apple up top you get a lot of that citrus freshness that kind of just wraps around this rum and this tobacco, and as it dries, the fruits start to fade, and that rum and tobacco come out even more. It is gorgeous, and as I said, clean. Clean is the best way, in my opinion, to describe the purity of this smell. It is beautiful.

It is loud, and it's very, very attractive and one that I'm going to be reaching for even more now that it's cooling off. We're really getting in the fall, and this is from Argos Fragrances. This is Triumph of Bacchus. Look at that beautiful bottle, man. You want to talk presentation? This is second to none!



Let's jump into this second one. It needs no big introduction. It's very well-known. It's extremely popular when you get it from discounters. It's one of the best bargains in niche perfumery. It's from Mancera, Cedrat Boise.

I'd say this is popular, and for a good reason. You know I still get very good performance on my skin with this one….oh man, it just smells so so beautiful like fruity pebbles. Definitely gives off a bit of a fruity pebbles kind of vibe. Off of skin, it projects pretty well for the first two to two and a half hours off of my skin. I get every bit of eight before it turns into a skin scent. I mean eight hours performance is solid. That's pretty hard to complain about, and you can get them pretty cheap. A competitor for the style of an Aventus, for example, doesn't smell like an Aventus. Still, it's definitely a similar style to it as far as that fruity woody fragrance. It just doesn't have that smokiness that Aventus is known for.

It kind of does its own thing but definitely heavy on the fruits and heavy on the woods, and the complement factor is very high on it. It's just an easy wear. This is a real easy grab-and-go fragrance. It can be a signature scent, uh it's a good way to really dab your toe into niche perfumery because you can find them for such a good price from discounters online. It's just kind of a must-have. It's a foundational kind of fragrance. If there's one fragrance to safely try from Mancera, it's Cedrat Boise and one that I've been looking forward to pulling out more and more. Because it's a little bit more than the Houston heat calls for. So now that it's starting to cool down, it's time to start busting out my bottle of Mancera Cedrat Boise.



Now there's a lot of fragrances that could have gone here. Had this release not happened in the last two weeks, there would be a different fragrance from this house right here. But since this came out, I have been infatuated with this scent. It is my style. It is right up my alley with citrus, floral, a little bit of spice, and woods. It's kajal's newest release Lamar by Kajal. Man man man, that beautiful gold high reflection and uh fingerprint magnet for sure. I love the way this fragrance smells. This is, like I said, right up my alley, man. It just suits me extremely wearable if you're a fan of florals in your fragrances. This is a great one to have, guys. It really is. I love love love this one and look just to give you an idea, I don't know if it'll show you. See all the fingerprints right here because I usually grab them from the top.

Fingerprint magnet. I'm telling you. That's the downside to this high shine mirrored reflective surfaces on these bottles and the paints and stuff like that. But man, when they're clean, they are beautiful, and the juice inside of this bottle is even more beautiful than this presentation. Look at that intricate detail on the top of the cap…This is next level in the presentation absolutely, but man, sample this one. I know max aroma was doing decants, and then they sold out. I don't know if they've restocked. Of course, kajal has bottles um, but man, they aren't cheap.

They're 210 dollars. But man, it is so good. It's so so good performance is fantastic on this one. Projection is above average. It checks all the boxes for me, it really does, and one that I've had for about two weeks now. I've worn this twice already, plus the occasional spray on my arm, and I plan on wearing it a lot more this fall and going on into the winter for the rest of the year, and that's Lamar By Kajal.



This next one's actually the newest release from Juliet Has A Gun and to me this is one of the ultimate sitting around the house fragrances. This is definitely a fragrance that is for me. I love the way this one smells. This is the new fragrance Musk Invisible from Juliet Has A Gun. Marketed for the ladies but very, very unisex. The white cotton flower. The clean musk and the jasmine. It's very, very white.

Fresh like soft white florals. It has the type of aspect to it, man. It just smells like a freshly laundered soft cotton fleece blanket mixed with the dryer sheet that was in the dryer with it. But obviously of much higher quality because it's in this fragrance from Juliet has a gun.

The projection is just right. It's not too heavy. It's in that moderate range to right below moderate where it keeps it. It's a snuggling type of fragrance, you know this. As I said, this reminds me of cuddling up to a freshly laundered blanket that is fresh out of the dryer with the dryer sheet. This stuff just smells so cozy so inviting.

Not a real beast in longevity, you know. Six to seven kind of bordering into that seven to eight-hour range. Man, it just smells so good it really does. I'm going to smell it again. Definitely get yourself a sample of this one.

If you're a little iffy about it, samples are available from the link that's provided below.

You can always just get a carded sample, but they have several different size bottles you don't have to commit to a 100 ml. Like this, you can get a 30 ml 50 ml or the big 100 ml, and I'm going to tell you what…. I'm super glad to have the 100 ml, and this is like I said, ideal wear for me is just hanging around the house.

Ideally, on a Sunday football day, this is when I'm going to be hanging out on that couch watching football. That is when I'm going to be thinking of reaching for this one. I'll be reaching for it a lot more throughout the rest of the season. This is….like I said, a kicking it on the couch kind of fragrance, and this Juliet Has A Gun Musk Invisible.



Next is one of my favorite food fragrances. The limoncello note in this one just makes it different from every other oud fragrance that I've ever had. Most of my oud fragrances are with tobacco, or they're smoky or have a lot of rose. They'll have florals with them or some spices. Well, this is just a fresher fragrance with that limoncello note Byredo Oud Immortel.

Byredo Oud Immortel and yes, I have to tell the story behind the fragrance when I went to visit George last December in Chicago. He had this and uh, he doesn't wear stuff like this, and he asked me… He's like…you would you wear this?? Of course, I'll wear this…So, he said if you want, you can have it, which explains why the gz is on my bottle.

This was actually gifted to George Z, but I'll tell you what I've worn it several times. It performs on my skin, and it's one of the more wearable ouds that I have. The other ouds I have you got to be in the mood for like man Mancera oud. That's a pungent oud. That's biblical smell right there.

You know what I mean, you got to strategize to wear that one, you know um Ive got to be in the mood for it to wear this. This is, close to just a grab and go without it being a strong oud. I wouldn't say it's a dumb reach kind of fragrance. You can just grab and go, but it borders it for sure because it's such an easy wear. Because the limoncello in this, it freshens it up so much, but the oud provides a lot of density.

It still has the pungent oud smell without being too overpowering, and it definitely projects. For an oud fragrance, this actually has a pretty good complement factor, also, and this is one that I thoroughly enjoy wearing. It's definitely getting a whole lot more run this fall.

This is one of my favorite oud fragrances. I recently got tagged on something on Instagram to post my three favorite ouds in an honorable mention. This was number two for a good reason. Let me spray it one more time because I want to smell it again. Oh man, some fragrances are just that good, and Byredo Oud Immortel it's one of those fragrances.



Now with this next one…its normally reserved for the fall because this is the time that I like to wear this fragrance. I'm kind of cheating. There's two fragrances in this spot because normally, it would be time to pull out Zaharoff Signature Pour Homme.

I like to wear this a lot more in the fall. This is a great fall fragrance for me. Especially suitable for suit and tie weather. This is an excellent fragrance for that but what just released are the flankers. Signature Noir is what I'm going to put right here, so I'm still going to be wearing this.

I just didn't want to take up two spots with two Zaharoff fragrances, but I definitely will be pulling out Signature Pour Homme on because it's one of my favorite fragrances to wear in the fall. But I just wore this one a few days ago. I did a video with George that I'll link here if you guys haven't checked that out discussing the two new flankers this and Signature Royale.

They are available right now in limited quantities. I wore this one the other day, and man, it's such a pleasing fragrance. It really is. This one's a bit more heavy on the incense. You get a lot more citrus. Up top, there's coriander and pink pepper that's in this one playing a prominent role in that opening. Still, the frankincense in this one comes out more and more.

It makes it a little bit more mysterious. Still, at the same time, it's, in my opinion, the most versatile, most comfortable wear of the three fragrances that are currently available in the Zaharoff collection. It's one that I'm telling you that more people are gonna start getting these bottles. They're gonna start going out. They started shipping. The more people are getting their noses on them, the more you're going to understand what I'm talking about.

This stuff is so good. Performance is above average with this eight-hour fragrance. Moderate to moderate-heavy early on in the projection, then moderate the rest of the way through. You'll get wafts for hours and hours. This stuff is great. I will be spraying this bottle quite a bit this fall. Full review coming soon. Stay tuned for that.



This Next is one that you may not see coming because I have not been wearing it. After all, it was a little much for the summer. When I wore it the first go-round, I actually did a review on Instagram for this fragrance. It is a vetiver fragrance. A lot of you know I'm not a big fan of vetiver. But lately, I've been finding more of an appreciation for it. There's only like six or seven uh vetiver fragrances that I'm really into enjoying and stuff like that. It used to be just five, but this is one that ups that number from Raw Spirit Fragrances Citadelle.

This is Citadelle. You can see the dent that started to happen in that bottle. This 30 ml bottle that I have has very, very good freshness. Almost a vinegar dill type of juiciness up top for the first few seconds, and that starts to tone down. That bergamot…it's really the juiciness of the bergamot with this Haitian vetiver. The Haitian vetiver that they use is just so clean.

This is one of the better vetivers that I've ever smelled. It does have a little bit of smoky earthiness, but it's still very clean overall. Definitely has a solid performance on it. I would say in that six to seven-hour range. It projects not real heavy, though in that first two hours, people will be able to smell you pretty easy. It's not a moderate-heavy. It's like a moderate to moderate low.

You know it is within range within an arm's length in the first hour and then a little bit less than that for the following hour. Clean, crisp, very professional, very fresh, very inviting but has enough density to wear. I feel like it suits the fall a lot more. Certain vetiver fragrances are just better for the spring and fall, and Citadelle is definitely one of those. I'll be reaching for it quite a bit more. I've worn a few times so far, but I'll be wearing it a few times more here over the next month or so.



Now last year, I had a tendency to reach for Scandal more from Roja Dove and the parfum cologne collection, and I wasn't really feeling Danger, well that's what we're talking about today. Danger I wasn't really feeling this one as I was feeling Scandal, and don't get me wrong, Scandal is still my favorite of the entire line.

It runs a very close race with Creation E, but I find myself reaching for Danger more than Scandal. Every time I've reached for one of the two this year that seems to be the case. I've worn Danger more than I've worn Scandal this year, and I think that trend will continue throughout the rest of the year.

I just find myself wanting to wear this one more. This is not quite as spicy as Scandal is. Scandal's more herbaceously spicy, which is generally my thing. You know I love spicy fragrances, but I don't know… it's just a little bit cleaner with Danger, and I find myself really wanting to reach for this one a lot more. Uh, there are stretches where I'll wear it for two days in a row.

The last go-round of me wearing it, I worked two days in a row. I trend that tends to happen in 2022. Anyways with this fragrance, I'll grab it, I'll spray it, and the next day I want to smell it again. The performance is fantastic on it…eight to ten hours, and the projection is pretty heavy.

It's more on the heavy, moderate-heavy side for the first several hours, and it's one that I urge you to at least decant…but if you're looking for bottles, there are ways to get them at a discounted price. Danger cologne is the one I'm reaching for a lot more this year than I used to.



With all the talk of the new Pegasus exclusive, we can't forget about the original Pegasus. I love that milky, creamy almond vanilla that this fragrance is known for. Man, look, I have Royale Stallion from Al Haramain, and it's pretty accurate. Still, there's just something about the feeling of grabbing this bottle and spraying it on.

I don't know why. I don't know how to go into detail to explain it, but it's a feeling that I get that overcomes me when I grab this Parfums de Marly bottle and spray Pegasus. I do not know why it just brings me joy. It makes me happy and calms me.

I can't explain it. You know feelings we have them for certain reasons. I'm spraying it that one more time because this is a gorgeous fragrance eventually, I'll get my nose on Pegasus Exclusive. However, for now, I'm still rocking with the original because it's a beautiful fragrance. It's a very, very powerful fragrance.

It's got a high compliment factor. You know ladies tend to dig the way this one smells. It's just a really good fragrance, and for the fall time, this will be my go-to wintertime scent. I like Kilian. Kilian's really spicy and just robust off of my skin.

I find it cuts through the cold a lot better than this because this is a colder style fragrance. I feel like it works better in the fall. This is going to be my Parfums de Marly fragrance of choice this fall.



Next, from a smaller known house Meremeta Fragrances, we have Le Le Va lemon, leather, and vanilla. This stuff smells like lemon bars. I've started to put a little bit of a dent in my decant. I'm gonna make my way through this decant a little bit for sure.

Uh, it smells like lemon bars in the opening. Man, it's an addicting smell. If you like that lemon bars type of smell, you will love this. I will link their website below, as we discussed earlier. You can get 10 ml decants like this. I forgot what size the bottle is, but because I don't have the bottle, but eventually, I'll run out of this, and I'll get the bottle because it's absolutely worth owning.

Projection is above average. This is a loud fragrance, especially if you put five, six, seven sprays on your body. People smell you really easy. It's very, very loud. Uh, surprisingly loud but good loud. It's not an annoying smell. It's very pleasing. The sweetness from the vanilla mixed with the lemon…it just really works, and that leather provides an excellent creamy base. It only adds to the creaminess because it's soft leather.

It's a damn good fragrance and one that I think you should absolutely check out—really good stuff. Not a whole lot of people know about it. I can almost guarantee you will be the only one around you that smells like this, and that's Meremeta Fragrances Le Le Va.


Well, folks, that is my 10 and until next time, do me a real quick favor go ahead and like comment subscribe do appreciate all the feedback. I love hearing from you guys. How many of these do you have already? Are there some that you're itching to try itching to get your hands on? Like I said, links for everything are down below. Some are from discounters, some are from the company with a discount code, etc. I tried to make it as easy as possible. I eliminated any unnecessary links to make it as easy as possible because I've been getting more and more feedback from I need to make this easier. I tied to make it a bit easier for you guys. I hope it helps, and until next time I will say if you get your hands on any of the fragrances discussed here today. You give them a spray now. I'm very confident that you'll thank me later. They're awesome. Have a good one, guys.


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