14 Fragrance Tricks to Make Your Perfume Last Longer

14 Fragrance Tricks to Make Your Perfume Last Longer

It is obvious knowledge that you don’t want your precious fragrances to go to waste. This brings us to an unfailing realization: you want to make the most out of your perfume which means that you want a longer scent duration.

How To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

Apart from the go-to checklist for making your perfume last longer - choosing an eau de parfum over an eau de toilette over an eau de cologne and checking the bottle to know the perfume concentration as you would when looking through the wine shelves in the supermarket for the wine with the right alcoholic content to knock away your pain or aid you get maximum fun from a Friday night outing - there are simpler ways to get this long-lasting duration after doing the aforementioned things.

Shall we get down to these simpler details then? First, a handy list if you are in a hurry and would like to come back to this later:

  1. Best perfume storage equals “cool, dark place”.
  2. Spritz perfume immediately post-shower.
  3. And do not rub two skin surfaces together.
  4. Spritz perfume on pulse points.
  5. Apply lotion before perfume.
  6. Purchase matching scent products.
  7. Also, create a DIY scented moisturizer.
  8. Swapping of perfume bottles is a no-no.
  9. No shaking pre-spritz.
  10. Hairbrush spritzing over hair spritzing.
  11. Use cotton balls for frequent within-the-day dabs.
  12. If you don’t use most of your fragrances opt for a smaller size bottle.
  13. If you are traveling and don’t want to bring your bottle, use an atomizer.
  14. Spritz perfume in wardrobes and drawers.

While these could seem self-explanatory, there are deeper layers to each point. For instance, the 14th tip has a better workaround than the direct spritzing of your perfume on your fabrics. And also, we get to tell you the different pulse points on your body especially if you are not a health professional or one interested in human anatomy.


Best Perfume Storage Equals “Cool, Dark Place”

Oftentimes, you can attest to the fact that the temperature in your room switches from a degree to another degree; your body feels it and you know it. This temperature change affects your perfume in ways you can only imagine so the best way to keep your perfume going for the future just in the manner you initially bought it is by keeping it in a cool, dark place. A good example of where not to place your fragrances is on the bathroom vanity.  As you can image the steam from the shower and the constant daily variance in temperature is not good for the longevity of your precious scents.  Check your fragrance bottles that you have stored on the bathroom sink, counter or even the medicine cabinet.  If you see any condensation on the bottles, you are more than likely doing harm to the fragrances inside these expensive bottles.

A cool, dark place affords it the resistance it needs to counteract varying temperatures.


Spritz Perfume Immediately Post-Shower

Stepped out of the shower a moment ago and towel dried your body already? Good! This is the best time to spritz your perfume on your body if you want or need it to last for a long time during the day. But before this...


Apply Lotion Before Perfume

Showered? Check!

Toweled? Check!

The next best thing would be to make your skin less dry by applying your regular lotion on it. This softens the surface of your skin for your perfume to dwell on and enhance its fragrance within the day. Ideally you might opt for an odorless or scentless lotion so that you aren’t muddling up your favorite perfume or cologne.


And Do Not Rub Two Skin Surfaces Together

Opposite skin surfaces such as your wrists, palms or other parts of your body that you can easily rub together to get the moisture of your perfume to spread around that region or get dried is a no-no. That rub which you think aids spreading or drying does not help the duration of your perfume because it enables a note level or a couple note levels of your perfume to dissipate faster than they would have. You are also causing friction when rubbing your two skin surfaces together and that can break down the molecules that make up the fragrance instead of allowing the fragrance to dissipate as it was intended.


Spritz Perfume on Pulse Points

There are about seven to ten pulse points on your body. The common ones are:

  • Your wrists.
  • Your neck.
  • Your inner elbows.
  • The back of your knees.

When spritzing your perfume on your body, focus on these common pulse points on your body; these areas help “trap” a lot more scent of your perfume than the other regions on your body. So, within the day, they get more scent flowing around different regions of your body as your body experiences heat.

Spritz Perfume on Pulse Points


Purchase Matching Scent Products

Matching scent products are complementary; the real idea for accompanying scented products and your perfume is the difference between “fundamental” and “enhancing”. For the case in point, your hair spray efficiently combines with the perfume on your body to enhance the quality of the fundamental fragrance on your skin or your lotion combines with your perfume’s fragrance to deepen its scent.

Oftentimes, matching scent products could come as a set while other times, they could come separately. Hair spray, deodorant, body wash, shampoo, lotion, et al. You could buy all these as a set or get one or a couple from the perfume store here and another duo from the mall there.


Also, Create a DIY Scented Moisturizer

Is your perfume coming to the end of its life span in that bottle? You can do a solid for it by giving it a home. How? By marrying it to your unscented lotion, this mix will help you create an enhanced DIY scented lotion. Carefully spritz the remaining fragrance into your unscented lotion bottle and gently mix/blend them together so that the fragrance is evenly distributed throughout the lotion container.  Don’t just pour the fragrance liquid into a bottle of lotion and expect it to blend nicely.


Swapping of Perfume Bottles is a No-No

Perfume bottles are built to withstand air penetration thereby preventing the loss of their fragrance (we think you know this, but it was worth mentioning again).

Prevent the loss of your perfume’s scent, the loss of a note in your perfume or the loss of a couple of notes in your perfume by refusing to swap the content from its original factory bottle to another bottle. During the swap, your perfume loses some of its fragrance to the atmosphere and post-swap, during storage, your perfume loses more of its fragrance or note(s) because it's probably not in an airtight storage container or bottle.


No Shaking Pre-Spritz

The more you shake your perfume bottle like a juice bottle which says “shake well before drinking”, the more air finds its way into your perfume bottle causing it to lose fragrance.


Hairbrush Spritzing over Hair Spritzing

Do not spritz your perfume on your hair. Instead, should you want your perfume’s fragrance to be all-encompassing and all over your body, spritz it on your hairbrush before brushing your hair. You would not want your hair damaged by the chemical make-up of your perfume. And if this process is too much hassle, go for a hair spray with the same fragrance.


Use Cotton Balls for Frequent Within-the-Day Dabs

Within the day, as you go about your daily activities, you don’t want your perfume’s fragrance to disappear or lose its intensity. To touch up or get the fragrance to the level it was at when you stepped out of your room in the morning, spritzing your perfume on cotton balls for dabs in the day will help to keep your fragrance refreshed and solid. That way you don’t have to take the entire bottle with you.


If You Are Traveling Use A Quality Travel Atomizer

As a follow up to the previous point.  If you know you will be traveling and don’t want to risk packing your expensive fragrances you might opt for a travel atomizer.  There are economy atomizers all the way up to more luxurious ones.  Some you can pump and refill and others you may spray and fill.  Argos Fragrances offers a wide range of atomizers from economical to luxurious.  

 Argos Bullet Aromizer Black

 <click image>

Argos Oval Atomizer Chrome White

 <click image>

Argos Pen Atomizer White

 <click image>

Spritz Perfume in Wardrobes and Drawers

Do you prefer that your clothes - outer wears and undies - smell just as nice (the same fragrance and all)? Then, spritz your perfume in your storage spaces: your wardrobes, drawers and everywhere else. This will get you a signature scent to be identified by wherever you go.

Overall, to ensure your fragrances last longer, go for perfume concentrations that last longer - eau de parfum has a longer lifespan than eau de toilette and so on. Argos Fragrances offer a luxurious line of long-lasting Eau de Parfum concentration fragrances for women and men.  Also, take a good look at the scent family and base note.  As a general rule more citrus dominant fragrances tend to be weaker and not last as long.  If you are able to see the color of your fragrance inside the bottle and assuming that there are no artificial dyes or coloring, then typically your darker juice fragrances will be more powerful and longer lasting.  A good quality fragrance if stored and cared for correctly should get better with time and stronger as the fragrance ingredients inside continue to macerate.

Argos Fragrances are made from the finest natural ingredients sourced from around the world.  Using modern perfumery and time-honored techniques their fragrances are macerated and blended to perfection.  They use no harmful dyes or coloring in their formulations and their precious scents get stronger and more powerful with time.  Last but not least, you get what you pay for and how you smell says a lot about you without even saying a word.  Don’t expect to find long lasting luxury niche quality fragrances at your bargain bin discounter.  Check out Argos Fragrances online and around the world.


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