Top 10 Awesome Fragrance Discoveries 2023 - Perfume Collection Hidden Gems

Top 10 Awesome Fragrance Discoveries 2023 - Perfume Collection Hidden Gems

So, I'm going to talk about my 10 Awesome Fragrance Discoveries of 2023.

I discovered them in 2022, and I'm going to let you know what those amazing fragrances are, alright guys. Are you curious? What's in my top 10 fragrance discoveries of 2023? Well grab yourself a cup of coffee and let's get into it.


[15.41] 1, Boadicea The Victorious Blue Sapphire

[13.48] 2, Roja Enigma

[12.11] 3, Argos Triumph of Bacchus

[09.42] 4, Fragrance Du Bois New York 5th Avenue

[08.16] 5, Arabian Oud Tarteel Silver

[06.59] 6, Gallagher Behold Patchouli

[05.05] 7, Testament Collection Longevity

[03.27] 8, Lorga Parfums Ambre Platine

[02.29] 9, Mirko Buffini No.31

[01.08] 10, Venito V7


10, Venito V7

All right and at number 10 and it's only number 10 because I think you can only buy this when you're living in Dubai or nearby Dubai. I'm sorry, but I still want to talk about it, because this one is really good.

It is Venito V7, and now I'm going to tell you how this Fragrance smells. I'm going to remind myself also. (Sprays Fragrance) Oh, this one is so good. It's like the Dutch candy or German candy. I'm not sure from where it comes.

I think Germany, it's Haribo, and then those cherries, that's what this smells like, but then made a little bit more manly with more spices.

This one also stays for a very long time, easily eight hours, and leaves a nice central behind you. It's also not crazy expensive, so maybe you can find it, or if you know someone who lives in Dubai or somewhere near that, perhaps they can send it to you because I know for a fact that you will not be disappointed with this one.

This one is amazing. Also, girls can wear some. If you're watching my channel, girls guess not because girls are like two percent of my viewers, so uh yeah.


9, Mirko Buffini No.31

All right, then at number nine. It is Mirko Buffini No.31, and look how much I have worn this Fragrance. No one is talking about this Fragrance because you haven't discovered this one, but this one is really good. It smells different than anything in my collection, and this one also has a Coca-Cola vibe.

You know, what I'm going to remind myself again right away when you spray this. (Sprays Fragrance) This Fragrance is so delicious, you get the Coca-Cola vibe, and it is warm and spicy. Ambery kind of a fragrance and the prominent notes you're going to get are brandy, opoponax patchouli, and the sexy benzoin, and you won't be disappointed with this one.

This one has a nice projection as well and also stays for a good eight to ten hours. This one is unique, and I see this and that you wear this upscale suit.


8, Lorga Parfums Ambre Platine

At number eight, we got Lorga Parfums Ambre Platine. Oh, guys, this one is such a beautiful gourmand. This one is amazing. I'm going to remind myself this one, (Sprays Fragrance) wow, so this Fragrance is Ambre Fragrance, and this one is really strong as well. It's potent.

I think it is a pure perfume and look how much I've worn it already. I've worn it a couple of times, but I don't spray this one 16 times because it is really strong.

Six to eight sprays depend on where you're going. I would wear this one while going on a date because you smell delicious with this one, and the main things that you're going to get with this one is almonds.

I get the almonds in this one. It's nutty ambery, a little bit of cinnamon, and caramel. So this Fragrance is delicious and elegant at the same time.

This one works with the ladies and works for me. It is good, and this one stays the whole day and keeps projecting the entire day. Trust me, don't spray too much on this one spray on clothes, though, because it stays on the clothes.


7, Testament Collection Longevity

Next, It is from the Testament Collection Longevity. First, they called it abuser abuse.

I would call it that way. This one abuses your nose because everybody will smell you with this one. This one is also an x-rated perfume, so definitely not 16 sprays with this one. Guys, when I say 16 sprays, I mean that with most uh designers.

For this one is strong, don't overspray it. I think, also this one's, six to eight, and then you're still over-spraying, people need to smell us right. Warm spicy ambery woody, that's this Fragrance, but it's a dark fragrance.

You get oud, get incensed, cognac and rum, so you also get a good dose of flavor in this one tobacco sky rock. You get weird stuff in this one, but it works. Oh, I have to say when you first spray it, and you will be like that, it's not nice.

It is nice, but Fragrance is really good in the air because, in the air, it's a complement together. This one has given me a lot of compliments while I was at work. I need to test fragrances if they work on people right in the gym.

So, I wear anything in the gym. You don't do that, but if you want to be that dark, mysterious kind of a guy and smell strong and dark for 10 to 12 plus hours, this one's good, for you check it out.


6, Gallagher Behold Patchouli

At number six, this one surprised me with how good it was. It is Gallagher Fragrances Behold Patchouli; look how much I have worn this. I went too much on this one because I was like, whoa. It smells so delicious all over the body, and I choked my friend Sofanna out with this one, but when we were outside, I got a lot of compliments from people because they could still smell me but go easy on this one.

I also think with this one six to eight hours, you're fine. This one is so delicious. This one smells like the orange chocolate sweets that they sell. It's photorealistic that the smell that's how this one is opening is already really good.

You get orange with chocolate, but it dries down, and it gets more beautiful. Then it smells more like a perfume, and it's photorealistic orange chocolate, and then it develops into a lovely fragrance.

Smells delicious, and people want to get close to you with this one. Well, people wanted to get away from me. That's how much I sprayed it, but if you sprayed a good amount, as I say, then people want to get closer to you.

So, try this one out. Gallagher, Fragrance is really good.


5, Arabian Oud Tarteel Silver

At number five, also a delicious fragrance. We got Arabian Oud Tarteel Silver, a vanilla fragrance but still has that Arabian sexiness touch in it, and that's what this one is sexy.

It's the far grown-up who wants to do dirty stuff that day because people want to smell you with this one, this is delicious. Suppose you want to be delicious for your significant other or your date or whatever you're into, check out this one.


4, Fragrance Du Bois New York 5th Avenue

At number four and the next Fragrance that you need to check out is Fragrance Du Bois New York 5th Avenue. It is fresh, and it is sweet.

It's a little bit woody. It is a lovely rose, easy to wear. I practically wear this when I work because it's fresh and sweet and it's a compliment getter every time I wear this, and all my clients say: oh, my god is that the Fragrance you wear again, the New York one I'm, like yeah.

This one - and I love compliments - I like to get compliments all the time. It's nice if people say, oh, what are you wearing in New York? I've also heard that guys have tried this, and guys we like uh, it's too feminine.

There's no such thing for me as a fragrance lover as too feminine or too masculine.

Girls have a thing for sweetness and things that smell a little bit feminine. I have that, too, when a man is wearing something feminine and different for you guys. I'm telling you it's really good on you guys, so try more unisex kind of fragrances.

I mean, like I'm wearing all these men's designers, and no one literally, no one has said to me, like you smell masculine, or this one is too masculine for you, or are you wearing a men's Fragrance? No one said that.

People will say you smell really good. What is that? That's what people will say, not like it's too masculine or feminine. If you are worried about masculine or feminine, I think you need to do stuff about your masculinity.

Okay, go to the gym, be more masculine. You can always be a little bit more masculine than you are right now. The Fragrance is not going to make you feminine, trust me. It's only going to make you sexy.


3, Argos Triumph of Bacchus

The next one is a sexy party boy, and all the girls who have smelled this one on me loved it and found it sexy.

Argos Triumph of Bacchus Perfume 100ml Bottle

<Click Image>

It is the Argos Triumph of Bacchus. This Fragrance is sweet. It's very sweet, but it has a good balance. The main things you're going to smell with this one are rum, tobacco, apple, patchouli, and vanilla. That's. What you're going to smell this one is also really unisex.

Men can wear it, women can wear it, which is dangerous for us girls. I'm telling you again how much I've worn this one, because every time I wore this, I got a compliment.

This one goes sixteen sprays and stays on all day. This Fragrance won't disappoint you, it stays a good eight to ten hours and is very good.


2, Roja Enigma

At number two is a fragrance that everybody said: curly you have to check that one out, curly If you like cola and rum and different kind of scents, you need to check it out, and I did, and I love it, and that's why it's my number two.

It is a Roja Enigma, a mouth-watering, sexy, goodness, suit and tie Fragrance upskill. This one is for a formal nighttime occasion. It's a classy gentleman that an elegant gentleman is secretly sexy to us.

This one has that mysterious character. The guy does what he wants. He is a boss because he can do whatever we want and knows that he smells good. That's what raja enigma is, it does stay a good eight hours, and if people get a whiff of you, they will compliment you.

You are so different and likable and mouth-watering good. Guys, all the sexy notes that people find sexy are in here. Yes, cognac, vanilla, sexy, benzoin, cardamom, ambergris, tobacco, and patchouli.

This one is a well-known fragrance. Everybody is talking about it, but there's a reason why everybody is talking about it. Try it out, it's different, it's good, if you're a frag head, probably you are or else you're not watching this right? Are you a frag head like me, and you've smelled a lot of different things, and you want something different, this is it.


1, Boadicea The Victorious Blue Sapphire

At number one, we got Boadicea The Victorious Blue Sapphire. This one is the weirdest, good smelling Fragrance that I have in my collection.

You will not find anything that smells like this. Not even close. I've never smelled a fragrance that is aquatic and warm and spicy. This one smells like you're walking next to the sea, salty oceanic with the warm spicy oud, but not in the background like clashing together because you smell altogether. I'm almost speechless with how good this one is.

I get you to need to try this Fragrance because this one takes you in a whole another direction, a whole other world. Let's say that it's classy and elegant, and it smells really expensive.

This one is, I'm going to tell you, it's really expensive, but it smells like that also, but most of the time when you smell a really expensive fragrance, it's not good. I'm not going to lie, most of the time, it's not good.

It's like skanky disgusting, and you're like a fun man. I don't even want to smell like that for that money, but this you want to smell like that for that money is so elegant, and you can only pull it off in really high class upscale whatever occasions.

I'm wearing it anyway, but because I'm going to wear the whole bottle. I'm not going to die, and like it's still here, I'm going to wear it because that's why it's for you know, but if the perfect occasion is upscale, this one stays for a very long time, 12 hours on your skin.

If you spray this one on your clothing, it won't come off, and it stays there. Try this wine out just once in your lifetime, and that's how good this one smells. Alright, guys, this was my top 10 fragrance discoveries, and I hope to see you in the next article bye.

Argos Fragrances The Finest Luxury Perfume


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