How to Smell Good: 13 Tips to Stay Fresh and Smell Fresh All Day

How to Smell Good: 13 Tips to Stay Fresh and Smell Fresh All Day

Knowing how to smell real good comes with ample knowledge of your body and the best scent plus keep-clean techniques to go with it. Fragrances help too. They help you smell good, but you have to ensure you are buying fragrances which align well with the natural oils your body secretes. And beyond applying spritzes of a specific fragrance on your body, there are other techniques to follow in order to have and retain that good smell.

13 Possible Ways to Stay Smell Fresh

Let’s have a look at some of them.

1, Drink a Sizeable Portion of Water

2.72kg (96 fluid ounces) is the recommended volume of water to drink on a daily basis. Keeping to this recommended volume helps rid your body of nasty smells from foreign bodies; not only does it help your body do this, it also helps your body stay hydrated and prevents dysfunctionality.

2, Mind What You Eat

What you eat is just as important as the volume of water you drink. Certain meals affect the way your breath smells, so you have to watch this very closely. Strong is the keyword here – avoid food with strong smells (curry, seafood, cumin, asparagus, kale and a few others fall in this group of food with strong smells). If you do have to eat these types of meals though, be prepared to pop in a bubble gum or sweet and/or brush your teeth after your meal.

3, Choose Quality Soap or Bathing Gel

The soap and/or liquid you use on your body for having your bath or shower needs to be of high quality as much as possible. You cannot have a low-quality soap or bathing gel as lather on your body because this ultimately means you will not smell good. So, always go for quality and stick with it. Soaps with the trio combo of a) natural oils b) natural scents, and c) great quality make for the best choice. Another factor to keep in mind is the scent of your soap or bath gel.  Will it overpower or muddle your perfume that you apply after you bathe? You may opt for a non-scented cleanser so that your personal fragrance can really shine on your skin.

4, Use Body Oil

There are variants of body oil available to spice up your body smell. The different scents, from shea butter to olive to coconut to carrot seed and others are available to choose from. They will not only make you smell good but boost the efficiency of your fragrance as well (great body oils love associating with great fragrances).

5, Spritz Fragrance on Your Hairbrush

Since you cannot exactly spritz fragrance on your hair because of the high chemical concentration, the available go-to method is to utilize spritzes on your hairbrush; it is a smart move, this. By spritzing on your hairbrush pre-brushing your hair, you give the scent of your fragrance the opportunity to seep into the pores of your brush and when you brush your hair, it flows right back on your hair. See? Smart! And the really positive result of this technique is that you have it both ways: your fragrance’s scent on your hair and without the chemical impact.

However, there are new age perfumes made solely for hairs so you could buy them instead of going through the process of hairbrush spritzing. Both options could work if you are mixing perfumes though.

6, Build a Scent Combo

All the wash liquids and soaps which you use on your body have various scents. Cinnamon could be the dominant scent and it is really up to you to find out because you will need it handy when shopping around for a scent combo build. Your soap, bathing gel, lotion, body oil and fragrance need to toe the same scent line in order to provide you with a long-lasting stay on your body and a smell which easily adopts your body as its own. The idea is to leave a scent trail from the products you use in the bathroom to your prep routine in your bedroom and closet.

While this may be difficult to build the first time around, once you have it sorted, going forward will not require that you spend a lot of time on it. But before you get around to having a scent combo built for your body, you can go the short route in the interim by creating a fragrance lotion. A fragrance lotion is a very easy solution to come up with because it involves using tools already at your disposal - your lotion and your perfume.

Open your lotion jar and pour/spritz in there (bear in mind that more spritzes mean more concentration). Obviously, after the spritzes, the shaking of the jar follows suit to ensure a perfect blend (an up-down shake movement is the best method to use here). Doing this means that once you are done in the shower, you can towel your body and get right to applying lotion on your body that has the same scent just like your fragrance does.

7, Dry Out Fragrance Before You Leave Home

When you allow your fragrance dry before you leave home (or your hotel room, as the case may be), you have the advantage of scent stickiness to your body – the scent sticks for a longer period of time and excuses itself from being blown away by the wind. A good technique for attaining this is by wearing your perfume immediately after shower and after you have towel dried your body.

8, Engage Layering While Spritzing

The rule of thumb is to apply lotion before wearing perfume and not the other way round simply because the other way round steals the scent of the perfume and douses its sillage. And this is for on-your-body spritzes.

When it comes to layering on clothes, you should watch out for days when you need multiple layers of clothes to get by because of the windy or freezing temperature. In this case, the clothes you wear before your top clothes should have your fragrance spritzed on them in order to ensure that its scent does not get covered by the multiple layers of clothes you have on.

9, Foot Sprays Help Too

Foot sprays are very helpful in ensuring that your entire body is well scented and taken care of – your feet seem like the most neglected part of your body when it comes to perfumery and that is where foot sprays come in. By spraying a foot spray with awesome scent on your feet before you wear your socks over them or before you slip them into your shoes, your feet get the right opportunity to smell good and dry out before sweat comes into the equation especially on a hot or busy day spent running errands or moving from here to there.

10, Spritz Your Fragrance in Your Closet/Wardrobe

Consistently spritzing your fragrance in your closet/wardrobe improves the sillage within your closet and on your clothes. Each spritz disperses within thereby creating droplets of the sweet smelling scent of your fragrance on your clothes. Hence, before you wear any of your clothes, they have been perfectly perfumed with the right amount of spritz. This technique makes your fragrance a signature over time because the scent stays on your body as well as your clothes; you could choose either the direct or indirect method to enhance or reduce the sillage strength.

11, Your Beddings Should Wear Your Fragrance

It is a wise choice to not limit wearing your fragrance to just your body. Smelling good also pivots on materials and linens within your reach especially those you come in contact with on a daily basis. First, your clothes - and we have ironed this out when we talked about spritzing your fragrance in your closet/wardrobe.

Next, your sleep gear which includes duvets, bedspreads, pillows, beds and pillow cases; they should have droplets of your fragrance on them at regular intervals. Light spritzes are best recommended here so that you do not get suffocated or suffer hindered ventilation as a result of heavy scent concentration on your beddings. Well scented beddings improves your rest period and helps you de-stress easily. However, it does not just stop there. There is also the added benefit of having the scent blend with your body and nightwear as you lay on your bed or roll while you sleep. Over time, the scent becomes accustomed to your body and stays solid.

12, Underwear Drawers Should Wear Your Fragrance

Beyond your closet/wardrobe and the clothes in them, beyond your beddings and sleep accoutrements, your underwear should also smell nice as well in order to help build that good body smell. But you do not want to spritz your fragrance directly on your underwear – this is a big no-no! The best way to go here is by spritzing in the drawers way ahead of time before wear and waiting for a few hours before wearing any of them.

Apart from the obvious chemical reasons for not spritzing directly on your underwear, your aim is to attain a muted or subdued scent on your underwear especially on the underwear you have on while engaged in intense activities (walking, jogging, skipping, et al.) So you could try either spritzing in those drawers or the other method of placing a scented sachet in your underwear drawers. Always remember to go for a nuanced concentration when it comes to perfumery on underwear.

13, Use Cotton Balls or Mini Travel-Sized Bottles

You certainly do not want to go about carrying your fragrance in all its bottled or canned glory while going on trips, baecations and/or short visits. Doing this means decreasing the lifespan of your fragrance - and you know what they say about sillage as well, right? They say this: it dissipates over time as the lifespan of your fragrance decreases.

The recommended way to have it both ways (getting the right concentration of your fragrance on your body at all times of the day and not having your fragrance’s lifespan decrease) is to have mini travel-sized bottles to hold and preserve fragrance shots. Now, these mini travel-sized bottles are not foolproof because some scent concentration is usually lost in transfer and from not often being airtight enough. This is where cotton balls come in.

With cotton balls, all you need to do is douse them with your fragrance by spritzing on them or placing them directly on the mouth of your fragrance’s bottle. Do this on as many cotton balls as you wish and then place them in an airtight container; a purse or a Ziplock bag will serve. Then whenever you need to freshen up with your fragrance, you have a cotton ball to the rescue.

Argos Fragrances have remedied these travel issues with the release of their travel atomizers as well as their sample packs.  Also, their latest releases include a mini travel line of 30ml perfume bottles that also have a beautiful custom leather dust bag to help keep out dirt, sunlight and to provide protection for your fragrance bottles.

With the steps above, every activity you perform from your bathroom to your bedroom on your way out for work, dates, classes, business deals and shopping will be geared toward making you smell not just good but consistently good and of high quality. Are you in the market for fragrances with great scent that will ensure your body smells good for a very long time? At Argos Fragrances, we create only the finest fragrances using the rarest and most sought after ingredients.  Our natural perfumes are Eau de Parfum strength, long lasting and attention grabbing. 

Each Argos creation is sure to be remembered and linger in the hearts and minds of those who experience them.  If you want to smell the very best and be remembered one need not look farther than Argos Fragrances.

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