About Argos

Argos, a fine fragrance company was founded by creator Christian Petrovich.
American born model, actor and successful real estate developer Christian Petrovitch is of Italian & Russian decent.  His modeling career took him around the globe to the most exotic locations.   
Mr. Petrovich has graced the cover of many romance novel covers, began a successful modeling career that spanned over two decades and has taken part of dozens of fashion shows from New York, Milan, Paris, Dallas and Miami. Mr.
Petrovich is an award winning actor and has played various rolls in several movies and television productions. He has a passion for real estate and is a rental property owner and land developer based in Dallas, Texas USA.  Christian turned his passion for fashion and fragrance into a full time luxury niche fragrance house.  Creating bespoke, private label fragrances for Europe’s elite as well as celebrities.  
After several years working and creating the highest quality fragrances for others Mr. Petrovich decided to launch Argos Fragrances publicly in 2018.  
At Argos Fragrances our goal is to make the most memorable fragrances with the purest and finest ingredients. We create luxury scents that can be enjoyed by all. From the scent enthusiast to the most discerning fragrance connoisseurs.
Our unique fragrances are influenced by Christian’s many travels as well as Greek Mythology. Each Argos Fragrance retells and ancient legend.
Argos Fragrances’ are timeless, cross cultures and have no refrain. We want to engage all senses and leave an everlasting impression. At our state of the art lab in Nice, France our unique blending and maceration processes bridges the gap between the modern world with all its advancements and conveniences, and the old where timeless traditions, meaning, and attention to detail are paramount.
Argos Fragrances’ are created using the finest natural ingredients from around the world and are produced in our private lab in Grasse, France. Using state of the art equipment and time-honored techniques, make our high-quality fragrances as uniquely memorable as they as they are satisfying.
The result of several years of formulating and reformulating has resulted in the creation of five genuinely unique and beautiful Argos Fragrance creations designed to stimulate and attract by arousing the most powerful of our senses. You will be remembered, wearing Argos Fragrances.