Want To Smell Like A Greek God? Argos Fragrances Make Legendary Scents

Want To Smell Like A Greek God? Argos Fragrances Make Legendary Scents

Argos Fragrances, based in the USA make ultra-luxurious niche perfumes/colognes for men/women.

Written By - NATLIA DUBINSKY (Beauty Expert & Celebrity Stylist)

Christian and Lana Brooks


Throughout the pandemic, the fragrance and beauty world has been in a sort of slumber. With fancy balls, concerts, and events on hold, luxury perfume houses have been idly awaiting the outcome and for the party to resume. 

As these fragrance houses awaited idly by the wayside, awaiting the dust to settle, and playing it safe, a new fragrance house, ARGOS FRAGRANCES, has emerged with force and aura unlike any the beauty and fragrance community has ever seen.  Fragrance brands have been putting out little noteworthy scents in cookie-cutter stock bottles with sticker facades that scream cheap are flooding the market., The House of Argos has been holding nothing back. And guess what?  It has paid off handsomely. 

Argos Fragrances, known for their highly artistic hand polished and painted bottles, super luxurious, long-lasting fragrances with notes expertly chosen based on Greek and Roman mythology, have taken the fragrance community by storm.

According to Christian Petrovich, the brand's perfumer and founder and even models for the brand.

"Fragrance is a subtle Kiss that no one sees" We have taken and elevated fragrances back to their panicle in time.  We wish to engage all of our senses.  We seek to entice your carnal sense of smell and take your mind on a journey into some of the most ancient and romantic legends of all time.  I have married my love for fragrance, Greek/Roman mythology with my passion for art history.  You will be remembered wearing an Argos Fragrance.

christian petrovich the argos ceo

Luxury fragrance connoisseurs are some of the most demanding and unforgiving consumers in all of the beauty categories.  By fusing timeless traditions and modern technology Argos has emerged from the Covid ashes like a phoenix and garnered a top spot as one of the hottest new luxury niche fragrance houses in the game.  Argos Fragrances is not interested one bit in minimalism, the bland, or playing it safe.

Their packaging is some of the most elaborate and beautiful ever seen, and don't get me started on the bottles!! We are talking about ultra-luxury here. Having held one in my hands personally, I can say there is absolutely nothing like it.  No corners were cut here.  This bottle could be used as a weapon; it is so thick and heavy, and it literally weighs over a pound.  The glass is hand polished and stands erect like a powerful Greek column.

argos triumph of bacchus white marble and crystal bottles


There is a recessed area on the front in which a solid metal 3D artwork relief designed by the perfumer Mr. Petrovich is inlaid.  These plates are hand-painted and have crystals adorning them as well.  These are works of art, not just your typical run-of-the-mill fragrance bottles.

I have two of the brand's five current releases, the Argos Pour Femme, which I absolutely adore, and so does everyone around me.  When I am wearing this warm, floral masterpiece, I can literally feel the attention of the room gravitate towards me. Trust me, ladies, this is like catnip for men.

Do not wear this unless you are comfortable with garnering that much attention.  I also have the brand's current number one hit, the Triumph of Bacchus. Which I honestly didn't think I would like at all with the note of tobacco composition.  I have fallen absolutely in love with this scent.  So much so that I am questioning everything I used to know about my taste in perfumes.  I have also heard from the brand that they have up to 5 new releases coming, and one will be coming out any day now.  This will be a limited release, and the title has been confirmed as DANAE.  Little else is known about this release at this time.

This one has opened up my olfactory preferences, and I am ready to explore more.  This is absolutely a to die for fruity gourmand with a sweet but so real tobacco coupled with a top shelf Rhum note that is stunningly intoxicating.

I now have samples of the rest of the Argos Fragrances lineup.  Kudos to Argos Fragrances for making it super easy to get an Argos sample pack to try these niche fragrances out before you commit to a full bottle.  I have my nose set on Bacio Immortale as my next purchase, and I cannot wait to smell the Pour Homme and Brivido Della Caccia on a man.  They are hands down the sexiest masculine scents I have gotten my nose on this year.

argos bacio immortale white marble and crystal bottles


It's one thing to smell these on a tester strip and quite another to smell these on the skin. It's a very sensual experience to smell this caliper of scent on a man or a woman.  The results are unexcitingly carnal and arousing.  There is definitely something else at play here that is unexplainable without experiencing it firsthand.  My suggestion to you is to get your hands and nose on this fragrance house immediately.  I know several of their fragrances have sold out, and with the holidays approaching, I wouldn't be surprised if these go out of stock.  The message from Argos Fragrances is crystal clear. If you are into fragrance and you want the very best, look no further than Argos Fragrances.

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