Top 5 Fragrances For LIFE: Best Designer and Niche Fragrances

Top 5 Fragrances For LIFE: Best Designer and Niche Fragrances


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Today we are talking about five fragrances for life.

Now there is a topic similar to this – that I’ve already done several times on the channel, that was 10 fragrances for life, and I was separated between designer and niche.

Today we're talking about five fragrances for life. Throw out the rest, and this means across all genres and mediums designer, niche, indy, all mashed into one. Only I cannot even tell you how much time I spent trying to figure out which five I was going to choose.

I've been thinking about it on and off for the past week and a half almost two. I finally think I'm able to film this video and say goodbye to just about every fragrance I own, except for five.


1, Argos Triumph of Bacchus

So, let's jump right in. I’m not going to waste any time. From the house of Argos Fragrances.

Argos Triumph of Bacchus Fragrances for Life

1st up we’ve got Triumph of Bacchus. Definitely my favorite from the house for sure. This is a beautiful scent. If you don’t know what this smells like then listen up. It’s a rich, fruity, earthy sweet, boozy, tobacco scent and you get lots of peach as well.

I think there’s apple. There’s Rum in here. There is a little bit of jasmine to add a little bit of a thick floral touch to the heart. You have some patchouli in here. You have tobacco again, which adds a nice dark earthiness.

Fragrances for Life Argos Triumph of Bacchus

It’s, a succulent scent. There’s vanilla is in here as well. It’s so seductive, so elegant and perfectly unisex. This is the first one I’m talking about from the House Of Argos Fragrances, Triumph of Bacchus. If you want to check out any of our Argos Fragrances, I do have a link down below and I will be talking about Argos again real soon.

Triumph of Bacchus Argos Fragrances for Life

I’m assuming that video is probably going to come out after this. I am going to be talking about their newest releases. Not new fragrances. If you watched the live interview, I did with Christian Petrovich the owner and nose behind Argos Fragrances then you already know what I mean. Check that out if you missed it. Argos Fragrances Triumph of Bacchus.


2, L’Envol de Cartier EDP

Okay! Next one up. This one was just on my designer winter list, and this was a tough one. This was so difficult because it was between this and another one from the house.

The other one from the house, I love it. I absolutely love it. It speaks to me, it smells so good, but I went with this one because it is a little bit more versatile, but it still functions very well again in the winter, and a great fall scent.

It's a great spring scent, maybe not great for summer, but maybe summer nights anyway. It’s more versatile. So, I went with this. It’s newer to my collection, so it kind of has my attention from the Cartier. We have L’Envol de Cartier EDP. This is the eau de parfum. Beautiful, sweet honey, but it’s fresh and aqueous, and kind of almost metallic from violet leaf.

There is a nice woody base with vetiver. There is a lot more going on than that, but those are the three main components. As I have said in the previous video. It actually does have similarities to this fragrance Bvlgari Man from Bvlgari, but that one is just kind of the weaker shell of what this is.

It just dies out very quickly. It loses its legs, and it gets very boring, but this one L’Envol de Cartier EDP that honey sweetness is so beautiful. It is so unique. I think Bvlgari Man came first. I am pretty certain. This is a coincidence that they are similar, but man.

I prefer this one L’Envol de Cartier EDP any day, so this has to be on the list. I could not live without this one, and I just love this bottle. This is a Cartier man, they’re slept on, but wake up. Links are down below for all these fragrances check them out.


3, John Varvatos Vintage

Okay, this next one up, I would be blaspheming f I did not have this on the list. If I didn’t many of you would question my credibility. John Varvatos Vintage. Yet I still love it. I am not wearing it all that much these days. I don't remember when I last wore it, but it will always resonate with me.

I could not let this go. Tobacco cinnamon rhubarb, suede leather, maybe some kinks in here it’s very elegant – has a touch of a vintage vibe. Maybe hence the name. It has a nice sharp rhubarb note.

It’s kind of juicy and has a little bit of a sweetness when you first spray it on. Might even be some lavender in here. There is a little bit of a fresh quality going on, but it is a little bit leathery.

It is warm, sweet, and again kind of aromatic. A little spicy. It just has this touch of this very gentlemanly flair to it that you got to check it out while it’s still available.

You can still get it for a good price. I’m going to link it down below. I will always stand behind John Varvatos Vintage.


4, Creed Viking

Okay up next from the house of creed. This is probably my favorite at least currently my current favorite fragrance from the house of creed.

A close second would be Royal Oud, which I don't own. I hope to own soon. If I had that this would be a neck and neck battle, but this one, because I own it – this is my favorite one – Creed Viking.

This is a little polarizing. Some people don’t care for it. Some people hate it and some people really love it. I happen to really love this stuff. I kind of loved it ever since it came out three years ago. I just don't know what it is.

It's so fun to wear. It is fresh. It’s very spicy. It is just kind of a fiery scent, but again it has a nice cooling nature to it. You get mint in here with some spicy pink pepper, lots of pink pepper in here mixed with some rose mix with some lavender.

It is fresh, truly sandalwood. It's a little creamy as it dries and kind of has a barber shop quality to it. A little bit old spice like but very high quality, maybe a tiny bit dated, but I think it’s still modern.

The next one I’ll, be talking about, was provided to me from the folks at Ocyanas, who I’ve talked about a few times they don’t know I’m talking about them in this video, but I’ll link them down below they’re brand new up and coming company selling authentic fragrances, niche and designer they have a fantastic, huge catalog.

They’re continuously growing. They’re based in Quebec and they’re trying to get off the ground. I think they currently have a 20% off discount site-wide right now. You can check out any designer in these fragrances again in a great catalog there.

I would check them out down below.


5, Amouage Beach Hut Man

Okay! Last one up here, a friend of mine, a very dear friend of mine. Let me borrow a decant. Well gave me a decant of it.

I loved it immediately. I had plans to somehow get a bottle. I have a bottle now again, like I said thanks to the folks at Ocyanas. This is a beast, maybe a little polarizing, but I’ve heard a lot of you say this is your favorite one from the house.

This is Beach Hut Man from Amouage. This was a tough pick. I wanted to choose enclave, which I've been obsessed with lately, but I was thinking about in the long haul, in terms of how this makes me feel when I wear how it transports me man, this is a beautiful fragrance.

This is such a beautiful scent. It is very powerful, but it’s fresh, very green woody kind of earthy and has a dusty nature to it, very herbaceous, very invigorating and has some beautiful complexity to it. Man, I love this stuff and, like I said it is beast mode, especially for fresh, probably the strongest fresh scent I have in my collection is definitely Amouage Beach Hut Man.

It just goes for hours, it extends for miles off the skin and it just smells fantastic, and it gets great compliments on this one. I don’t think I could live without it.

It was tough, really tough. I’m still thinking about enclaves. I can remember the smell, it smells so good, but if the fire was raging, I probably would grab this one and everything else would have to go, but that is Beach Hut Man from Amouage.

Thank you so much for tuning in peace, I’ll, see you in the next video


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