The Scented Journey: Exploring The House of Argos

The Scented Journey: Exploring The House of Argos

Article By HELENA MARTINA – Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger

On my way home to Miami from a business trip, I had a 3-hour layover flight in Dallas, Texas. While waiting on my flight, I noticed on social media, a huge hype in the lifestyle and beauty blogger community about Argos fragrances and was dying to try them out. I searched for a luxury niche fragrance boutique near me and had come across The Scent Room. I called in advance in the hopes that they would carry Argos and it turned out in my favor. Not only did I fall in love with the fragrances, but I was also completely blown away by the packaging, artwork, and overall build of the bottle upon purchasing three. But then I ran into a problem… The only thing I could think of in the backseat of an uber on my way back to the airport was, “Well now how am I going to smuggle three 100ml bottles of perfume in my carry on?!” If you want to know the ending to that story, you’re going to have to keep reading...

Often, we associate a specific smell, object, place, or even a person with a particular moment in our lives. The mind creates a bond with your senses to create memories of nostalgia and longing, which we then tend to find sentiment and a sense of value to. The fragrances that I’ve used from the House of Argos have unlocked many precious memories for me and if you give it a chance, Argos will evoke a plethora of memories for you too.

In the words of Christian Petrovich, CEO of Argos Fragrances, Fragrance is a subtle kiss that no one sees. I couldn’t agree more with that sentiment. We tend to underestimate the power of our senses and what it upholds. A certain aroma can bring you back to a time when you’ve felt such utter bliss.

Argos Pour Femme Eau de Parfum

The first time I ever smelt Pour Femme Eau De Parfum, I closed my eyes, took a slow, deep whiff, and it transported me back to a time when I was younger. I was only 6 years old, and I was a flower girl for my aunt’s wedding. I distinctly remember when we were getting ready in the bridal room, it was filled with the most beautiful scents that it was almost intoxicating.

The notes of violet, lavender, lily, and rose found in Pour Femme reminded me precisely of the abundant flower bouquets scattered around the room. My aunt handed me a white, petite, hand-woven basket of flower petals. Much like the top notes of Pour Femme, the smell was very soft and subtle; it wrapped itself around my nose as if it were giving me a warm embrace. As I sprayed the atomizer once more, the fragrance touched my skin, and I smelled notes of sandalwood, white musk, and amber at the finish.

The scent reminded me of what my aunt and her bridesmaids smelled like on that exceptional day. They all smelt so pretty, so mature, and woman-like. At that age, it made me long for the day of my own wedding, where I too could present myself and smell as mature, poised, and ladylike as them. To smell like them, was the embodiment of femininity.



Argos Pallas Athene Eau de Parfum

Pallas Athene was an absolute beauty through and through. I sprayed it several times and for the life of me, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

Maybe it was the top notes of red berry and bergamot? Or perhaps the heart notes with hyacinth and rose petals? What I am sure of is that Pallas Athene made me feel warm and comfortable with its sensual embrace. After the fragrance had settled, it took me to a memory that I’d not thought of in years. The notes of peony and violet reminded me of the garden that I took a stroll in near a beach right off the coast of the Grand Caymans. I remember gazing across the horizon right as the sun was setting. The sounds of waves crashing into each other from a distance, an ocean breeze flowing through my hair, and a sweet aroma traveling through the air from the beautiful garden of flowers.

The fragrance was not subtle in the slightest. It leaves a statement on your skin and invites anyone who gets caught in its grasp in. Pallas Athene was absolutely astounding. The sillage in this fragrance was very prominent. If anyone else were to spray this on themselves, I could probably smell it from across the room. This scent is rather addicting, much like many from the line of Argos.


Argos Adonis Awakens Eau de Parfum

Speaking of rose fragrances... Adonis Awakens, one of Argos’ many best sellers. I’ve tested Adonis Awakens in several different forms.

Initially, I sprayed it in the air and smelt the heart notes of Bulgarian rose and a hint of vanilla but as I let it linger furthermore, it began to carry me to its base notes of cashmere, sandalwood, and rose absolute. Afterwards, I sprayed it on skin, and it was an incredibly different experience. I noticed the fragrance opened up with some hints of spiciness which can probably be a contribution from the pink peppercorn found in the top notes.

There was also a slight hint of citrus which I take was from the bergamot and grapefruit found in the top notes as well. When applied on skin, the spiciness and woody aroma compliments the rose and helps to create a beautifully unique rose fragrance. I’ve acquired many fragrances over the years all the way from designer to luxury niche and I must say, there is nothing quite like this fragrance. Upon initial testing, it transcended me to a place of absolute luxury. Its scent evokes an imagery of what it would be like to walk the streets of Milan, Italy in the summer evenings while wearing a red, over the shoulder, thigh high slit, long gown on the way to a formal gala. It takes over all my scenes and creates visions of crystal chandeliers, viewing beautiful artwork on the ceilings, sipping champagne, and seeing heads turn as I glide past people nonchalantly.


To sum it up, Argos fragrances does not disappointment! Though, I have not tried every fragrance from the house just yet, I am sure that the others will be able to amount to the expectations of elegance that Argos has already set for us. If you’ve read the blog up until the end, then I owe it to you to give you the ending of my previous story. Long story short, I got stopped at TSA for my bottles of perfume, missed my flight, had to check in my bag, and I didn’t regret a single thing. It was well worth it!

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