Argos Fragrances New Scent Entitled Nemean Lion Is The New King Of The Perfume Jungle

Argos Fragrances New Scent Entitled Nemean Lion Is The New King Of The Perfume Jungle

Argos Fragrances, based in the USA make ultra-luxurious niche perfumes/colognes for men/women.

By NATLIA DUBINSKY – Beauty Expert & Celebrity Stylist

Argos Nemean Lion 100ml Perfume Bottle Candid Shot

The fragrance world has gotten quite stale and flat as of late.  New releases seem to be falling flat.  Overhyped fragrances just don’t seem to deliver and the lack of originality and depth behind most fragrance releases this year is quite depressing. 

It seems that the industry is pushing out grey market, minimalistic copycat scents left and right.  I for one have my eyes peeled for the bold, enigmatic and daring.  I don’t discriminate between masculine or feminine fragrances and am not scared to call it how I see it.  I don’t care if your fragrance is genderless…Just give me something to think about. Sell me on a beautiful backstory, a name and a unique scent.  Oh, and please don’t give me cheap packaging.  If you’re going to earn my money packaging matters.  Thank God once again for Argos Fragrances

The House of Argos is known for their highly artistic, beautiful hand polished and painted bottles, super luxurious, long-lasting fragrances with notes expertly chosen based on Greek and Roman mythology.  They have taken the fragrance community by storm with their bold, unapologetic scents, ornate packaging and super hi quality niche perfumes.

Earlier this year I picked up the powerful Pallas Athene and absolutely gorgeous Adonis Awakens.  Once I saw them hinting at a new fragrance coming September 1st, I had to find out more.  I reached out to the team over at Argos Fragrances and they not only gave me the dish but sent me a small sample sprayer for review.

I was able to find out from one of the brands representatives the concept and backstory behind their newest release called Nemean Lion.  The fragrance will be the 1st of a 12-fragrance collection based on Hercules and the 12 labors that he had to complete.  Naturally to start the series off right the brand’s perfumer and founder Christian Petrovich chose to start with Nemean Lion the 1st of the 12 labors.

For the first of 12 labors that Heracles (Hercules to the Romans) was required to perform was to kill the Nemean lion.

The Nemean lion was a cunning and vicious monster in Greek mythology that was ravaging the region of Argos, devouring its herds and people. It could not be killed with mortals' weapons because its golden fur was impervious to attack. Its claws were sharper than a sword and could cut through any armor. It was the offspring of Typhon and Echidna, father, and mother of all monsters. Other accounts mention Zeus and Selene as the lion's parents. Raised by Hera, the monstrous lion was laid upon the earth by Selene at Hera's request. Hera, angry at her husband Zeus, initially sent the lion to Nemea, where there was a large shrine for the god Zeus.  The lion would ravish anyone wanting to worship Zeus.

Heracles confronted the giant lion. He shot arrows against it with no success. So, he devised a plan; he cornered the lion in its den, then stunning it with his club, managed to strangle it with his bare hands. He tried to take its skin with his knife but failed. The goddess Athena advised him to skin it using one of the lion's own claws. Thus, he managed to take the skin and use it as body armor.

It was said that after its death, Hera, who despised Hercules, would place the likeness of the Nemean Lion amongst the stars as gratitude for its efforts in attempting to kill Heracles. Thus, the Nemean Lion became the constellation, Leo.

I have the small fragrance in hand, and I can tell you this.  It is not for the shy or the timid.  This is definitely a masculine scent and one that is so unique that I have never smelled anything like it, and I own over 150 fragrances currently.  Who knows how many I have traded away and how many I have sampled in fragrance shops through the years?  I was also informed the perfumer actually spent time around live lions to gain special insight as to how they actually smell. 

Excuse me?  What did you say?  Yes, the perfumer spent several hours in and around live lions at a wild cat sanctuary to gain special insight as to how they smell in real life.  Now that is dedication.  I love my cat tabby, but you will not find me going near an actual live Lion.

I will probably never get close enough to an actual live Lion to get to smell what one is like, so this fragrance is going to be it.  What can I tell you about this fragrance?

Argos Nemean Lion is untamed and boldly unique.  This is an opulent fragrance that commands attention. Nemean Lion opens with Subtle Citrus, Scottish Pine, Resinous Labdanum, and Dry Oak Moss.  It then transitions into a powerful heart of Intense Clary Sage, Peppery Coriander, Rich Jasmine, Pink Peppercorn, and Juniper Berries. Base notes of Warming Amber, Regal Mysore Sandalwood, Leather, and Musk produce a wildly unique and attractive fragrance.


I would not recommend this to someone just starting out in their fragrance journey as you probably haven’t developed a pallet for unique and powerful scents just yet.  However, if you love uniquely unapologetic masculine scents that get attention you will appreciate what Argos Fragrances has done here by encapsulating the scent of not just any lion but the mythical Greek monster the Nemean Lion. 

Argos Nemean Lion Plate Artwork

Now, lets just discuss how beautiful this fragrance is inside and out.  First off, this scent is Eau de Parfum strength which means that it is going to last a long time.  I sprayed my small 2ml sample on a tester pad 3 days ago and I can still smell it.  It has evolved beautifully.  Where the opening is powerful to me the dry down and base are stunning.  I can vividly imagine the big Lion in all its glory and ferocity in the opening and yet I am also taken on a journey to the Sahara and the North African planes where the weather is hot, and the land is arid and dry.  This scent is a visual masterpiece, and I am not just talking about the bottle and the packaging.  I am simply blown away at the quality, strength, beauty of this Argos Fragrance and the bottle is simply a work of art. 

Argos packaging is some of the most elaborate and beautiful ever seen, and don't get me started on the bottles!! We are talking about ultra-luxury here. Having held one in my hands personally, I can say there is absolutely nothing like it.  No corners were cut here.  This bottle could be used as a weapon; it is so thick and heavy, and it literally weighs over a pound.  The glass is hand polished and stands erect like a powerful Greek column.  Some of the artwork metal plates are even hand painted and adorned with crystals. 

Nemean Lion comes in a beautifully hand polished glass flacon with the name ARGOS embossed on the base of the bottle.  The cap is solid metal and is the most beautiful color of matte gold I have ever seen.  Sitting directly on the top of the cap is the Argos Logo with a crystal in the center. The solid metal artwork plate featuring Hercules embracing the Nemean Lion in battle is stunning.  There are rhinestones everywhere on this golden three-dimensional artwork plate.

This scent is very masculine, and I would love to smell this on a man.  I am going to be getting this fragrance if not just for the bottle and to make sure I have the complete Argos Fragrance lineup

Argos Nemean Lion 100ml and 30ml Perfume Bottle

Again, this fragrance is Eau de Parfum concentration and will last and last.  When you consider the cost of some luxury niche perfumes this one defiantly gives you the most bang for the buck and it’s unique.

These are works of art, not just your typical run-of-the-mill fragrance bottles.

I now have five of the brand's nine current releases, the Pour Femme, which I absolutely adore, and so does everyone around me.  I had my order in for the 30ml Nemean Lion, but I quickly canceled it and pre-ordered the 100ml.  I absolutely love that Argos makes 30ml bottles.  They are perfect for the fragrance collector that has a million bottles already and they are perfect for travel.  I have backup 30ml bottles for my new Adonis Awakens and Pour Femme for when I travel.

I know that Argos Fragrances often sell out so I’m not taking any chances.  I do not mind one bit waiting a few weeks for one of these masterpieces.  The peace of mind alone, knowing that I’ll get mine before they sell out is good enough for me.

Argos 100ml Perfume Bottle Nemean Lion

I now have samples of the rest of the Argos Fragrances lineup. Kudos to Argos Fragrances for making it super easy to get a sample pack to try these niche fragrances out before you commit to a full bottle. Luxury niche fragrances are not cheap, and neither is the beautiful juice inside each one of these gorgeous flacons.  So, if you have a sample pack you can at least pick your preference and then if you can’t afford the 100ml you at least have the 30ml option to start with. 

This will be hands down one of the most unique and masculine scents I have gotten my nose on this year.


Nemean Lion 100ml 30ml Bottles with Box and Marble White Background


It's one thing to smell these on a tester strip and quite another to smell these on the skin. It's a very sensual experience to smell this caliper of scent on a man or a woman.  The results are unexcitingly carnal and arousing.  There is definitely something else at play here that is unexplainable without experiencing it firsthand. 

Argos Nemean Lion Perfume 100ml and 30ml Bottle Group Shot

My suggestion to you is to get your hands and nose on this fragrance house immediately.  I know several of their fragrances have sold out, and the Nemean Lion Pre-sale is on now!! I wouldn't be surprised if these go out of stock. 

The message from Argos Fragrances is crystal clear. If you are into fragrance and you want the very best, most unique fragrances, look no further than Argos Fragrances.

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