Argos Pour Homme Perfume for Men

Argos Fragrances

Argos Pour Homme Perfume


Limited Quantity Available: 7

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Woody aromatic – floral – citrus fresh – soft spicy – warm spicy

Argos Pour Home Triangle Ingredients Structure


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5 thoughts on “Argos Pour Homme


    I’ve plenty of Tobacco scents that I adore and to be honest, wasn’t looking for another but a freind from a Frag group sent me a sample and I immidiately ordered a full bottle. This one is different in ways that are hard to describe but if I had to contrast between the other Tobacco scents I own I’d say this one makes me feel “classy sexy” while the others use the usual “sweet to death” route. Argos has something special going here and I’m glad to be a part of it. And with the new 30 ML bottles theres no excuse to not have one on your dresser. I have Leather frags as well but Baccio is next on my list. Cant wait to try the others.

  2. Vladimir says:

    Amazing product by Argos
    The scent is sensual, elegant, and not overpowering, which is very smoothing. I am very happy using it and also recommend it.

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